Why Nursing Care Important

After surgery, everyone wants to get back to their home as soon as possible. But, not everyone might not be able to go back home immediately. To regain their strength and full functionality can be time taking.

This is specially true in case of long-term illnesses or age-related issues. Individuals  may become dependent on others to get their regular care for them. Choosing the right nursing care in such cases becomes very important.

There are multiple reasons why skilled nursing care is a must for a recovering patient. Requirements can range from measuring basic vitals like blood pressure, blood sugar, helping take medications on time, assisting with daily activities like bathing, dressing, feeding, to overall emotional support not just to patients but also their family members. In special conditions, tracheostomy care, nasogastric feeding, catheter care or bed sore management you might needs a highly skilled nurse with specialized training in taking care of the above.

At SuVitas, our trained nursing team are one the skilled and experienced rehan team members along with physiotherapist, dietician and psychologist. Along with the  physician they ensure every medical needs are taken care with round the clock commitment to provide best care each patient. Most of the rehab nurses are well trained to detect complications early and alert the team. In case of emergencies they are work in tandem with the doctors and paramedical staff to ensure best possible and prompt care is provided.

In addition to hospitals Nursing care can be provided at home or nursing home or rehabilitation centers. Depending on the intensity or requriement of the disease, it may be required for a short time or a longer duration.  These choices must be made based on the patient’s needs and possible additional support available. If constant supervision is required, moving to a specialized rehabilitation center with nursing care may be required.

The nursing services and duration required, primarily drive the decision making of the type of nursing facility.

At SuVitas, we provide specialized inpatient post hospitalization transitional care and geriatric care to patients who have been discharged from hospital. Comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation care involving skilled nursing care, Physiotherapy, speech and swallow therapy, psychological counselling and diet support are hallmarks of quality rehabilitation that in turn provides an opportunity to allow early, effective and empowered recovery.

The person’s doctor may recommend a transitional facility or nursing home that will suit your recovery requirements. Family and friends may suggest good facilities. It is important to visit such facilities and speak to relevant team members and understand the facility, services provided and possible cost implications. Before committing to a center, it is essential to map your nursing care requirements with the services provided at the rehabilitation center.

The proximity of the  rehabilitation facility’s location to the person’s home, presence of ambulance, proximity to hospitals are important factors to consider while choosing a facility.

In addition to quality nursing care, rehabilitation facilities organize recreational programs  to help the patient engaged and facilitate their early recovery.

Music therapy, art therapy, yoga and meditation are integral part of engagement activities  for patients.

To summarize, quality nursing care is a must for someone recovering from major medical or surgical illness. An inpatient rehabilitation care center like SuVitas provides best nursing care for the needful