Hair care, The most important rules

Even the best ones make mistakes. Today, an entry for beginners and experienced hair lovers. Hair care is not complicated, but there are rules that must be followed in order to be effective. Today I will present here the most important rules that will significantly improve your care. 

Hair care, how much time do you need to spend?

When I got interested in complex hair care, reading and arranging all the elements, I was confused and a bit scared. I thought it couldn’t be easy, it was hard for me to remember everything, let alone say it, to put it into practice. Now I know that everything is really a matter of habit. The argument I hear most often when I persuade my friends to enrich my skincare is: I don’t have time. 

This is almost an automatic answer, we live in a time where no one has time. The hardest thing is to start and put it all together. It takes the longest time to dig out valuable information and figure it out in your head. That’s why it’s cheating today. 10 rules of hair care that we should follow.

1. Avoid rubbing, it destroys the scales!

This is something I didn’t take into account at all. When I studied the structure of the hair, all the mechanical damage became clear to me. They cover the bark of the stem and are responsible for its condition. The more we take care of them , the more they stick to the bark, the prettier the hair will be. 

Conversely, if we breach them, they will start to stick out of the hair and strip the bark of the necessary protection. As a result, the hair will become dry, coarse, dull and simply damaged. What causes damage to the cuticles? Avoid this!

  • rubbing the hair with a towel
  • sleeping on rough pillowcases
  • sleeping in loose hair
  • pulling hair from under the coat, sweater
  • wearing your hair under the strap of your purse
  • wearing thin, tight hair bands
  • All of the above activities cause the hair cuticles to be significantly damaged.

2. Cleanse the scalp

Like hair care, and I’m leaving with my scalp. However, it is a very important element of care. We often pay little or no attention to the importance of the scalp. However, it is very important. Its bad condition can be the beginning of serious problems not only with the hair, but also with skin diseases such as dandruff and excessive greasy hair. To avoid such complications, the epidermis should be cleansed, treated gently and nourished (this is in the next step). 

How to cleanse the scalp? When washing your hair, pay attention mainly to the skin. Always massage it firmly with your fingertips for quite a while. Do a peeling every week or two(depending on how much stylers and silicones you use in your care, if you can use a lot of peeling once a week).

3. Avoid hot air

This is something that damages your hair extremely! You must necessarily have a dryer with medium or cool airflow. Never use hot. It is true that under the hot air, hair is more amenable to styling with a brush, but drying it like this is very damaging to it! 

However, proper hair care and a dryer are not mutually exclusive. You need to equip yourself with a suitable tool and use two degrees of air. If you want to learn more about dryers, which is what to choose and how to use, check out THIS post on dryers.

4. Trim and protect the ends

The tips are important! It may not seem like a good idea to grow and trim your hair, but it’s not true. In my opinion, the ends need to be trimmed from time to time. Even if your hair is in good condition, trimming will do it good. Hair care should begin with checking the condition of the ends. If they are badly damaged, you will not be able to grow your hair, because the damaged cuticles will not protect the hair, but will “peel” upwards, making the condition worse and worse. It’s best to cut them right away. 

The second issue is securing the tips. To keep them in good condition as long as possible, you should use oil or silicone serum. The cosmetic “covers the hair” and seals the cuticles, which effectively protects them against external factors. You have to remember that we only use a drop of oil or serum and apply it to the ends, and if the hair is damaged up to the ear height. Never cross the scalp as it will make your hair greasy.

5. Detangle your hair properly

Hair care and a good brush are inseparable, and so is the correct combing technique. First of all, the wrong brush causes great havoc on your head! One that tugs, breaks, and tangles your hair should immediately end up in the bin. The brush must be gentle, detangle the hair quickly and effectively, without tearing it out. 

A bad brush can prevent us from keeping nice and shiny hair, because we will gradually weaken and destroy it every day. If you want to learn more about brushes, please HERE, in this post I explain in detail how to comb your hair, which brush to choose and how to care for it.

Take care of a proper diet

Is this point still in hair care? I think so. Our skin, hair and nails need a proper diet. If we eat very badly, we cannot expect beautiful hair. We also need to provide them with adequate vitamins and minerals.