When Is a Walk-in Clinic Beneficial?

As part of your overall health care routine, a walk-in clinic can have a definite place in how and when you see a doctor, and the Family Medical Clinic Kendall is available as a service provider in Miami. There are certainly times when you would be more comfortable with your regular doctor, and it is advisable to see your personal doctor at least once per year for your annual checkup. Of course, a local health clinic shouldn’t be used instead of an emergency room, but there are some things which are simply easier to take care of at a clinic.

Reasons to Visit a Walk-in Clinic

One common reason to go to a health clinic is the availability of doctors and appointments. The health clinic typically has a shorter wait time, both to schedule an appointment and in person in the waiting room, even as a walk-in without an appointment.

For something like the flu, nobody wants to wait a week or longer to see a doctor. Likewise, a non-emergency situation of a broken bone or need for stitches can be resolved quickly in a clinic. The clinic can get you in, confirm there are no complications, and send you home to rest.

Alternately, an ongoing condition such as heart disease or diabetes is going to be better treated by your regular doctor who can keep track of your prescriptions, but in such a case you know to schedule months in advance.

Again, the health clinic and especially the Family Medical Center Kendall is an important part of your ongoing health care plan. It offers advantages over seeing your regular doctor or going to the hospital, as it is specifically designed to manage certain health issues which other types of providers aren’t well suited for.