A Toothache: Say No To It With The Right Dentist

This is a moment we would do well. The one where we begin to feel a slight pain, which, we feel, will soon be metamorphosed into a real “a toothache”! What can be the causes of this evil? How to avoid getting there? And especially how to alleviate a little soreness before the consultation of a dentist?

The Causes: Why do I Have a Toothache?

A toothache can have different origins, some are confined (oral cavity), and others more obscure (sinus, jaw joint, and face.). For each case, different levels of pain will appear, depending on whether one is slow to seek treatment or not.

What are the Risks if the Treatment is Too Late?

The main risk is above all to suffer a lot and for a long time, for nothing! However, it can happen that if your gum or tooth is too damaged lead to a loosening or even a fall of teeth. Very large pathologies are often encountered in individuals who have been neglected. In general, dental problems don’t evolve quickly enough to create serious complications. A real problem will arise if the bacteria responsible for caries for example spread. If they pass into the circulatory system, they can cause heart problems and, septicemia. These cases are serious but remain exceptional. They concern individuals who have remained untreated for several months, despite the advent of pain.

Another typical example of this management too late: the evolution of cellulitis from dental origin to other areas of the face. Infection of tissues under the skin will invade surrounding tissues. This becomes an emergency when cellulite reaches the throat because a choking hazard exists. But don’t be too alarmist about these complications, they are very rare. Of course, toothache is often arduous to bear, but there isn’t a reason to rush to seek treatment. So when does it react? When the pain persists and becomes regular or even permanent, he recommends, even if it remains difficult to determine because the threshold of tolerance is very different from one patient to another.

I Have a Toothache: Who to Consult?

The first essential act in case of a persistent toothache is to consult your usual family dental doctor. If you don’t have one, look for the one closest to you. “The person who will take your call will guide you through several questions, to determine what may be the source of your discomfort and how to get treatment.