Non Prescription Herpes Medication

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Acquiring the Herpes simplex virus 1 or 2 can be the most aggravating and depressing situations one can ever be in. This is because Herpes is a kind of sexuality transmitted disease that until this day, have no cure yet. However, there are some medications that sufferers can take, not to cure the herpes, but to lessen or prevent the outbreaks, which is causing discomfort to a sufferer. Normally, when a sufferer seeks a professional help to treat herpes, the doctor will normally start checking the actual affected area first, before prescribing medications like popular antiviral medications including Famvir, Zovirax, or Valtrex. These are the three oral antivirals normally prescribed by doctors to sufferers, in order to prevent and limit herpes outbreaks.

But aside from prescribed medications, there are also other forms of non prescription medications that sufferer may use, in which according to some sufferers, are also very effective in preventing outbreaks.

To know some of these non prescription medications, please take a look at the details below

Oral Antivirals – aside from the antiviral medications stated above, there are also other forms of oral antivirals that can be bought over the counter. None the less, people who opt for this kind of medication should be very careful when taking them, by making sure of following the instructions given, to make sure that it will be effective in preventing outbreaks.

Topical creams/ointment – sufferers can also use very effective topical treatments for herpes. The cream or ointment is directly applied on the affected area, to prevent itching, pain, and frequent outbreaks.

Herbs – for people who want to take natural treatments for herpes, using herbs as the main ingredient of their topical treatment or in a form of an oral supplement is preferred. In fact, some sufferers also use fresh herbs to treat herpes, including the ones that you can easily see in your pantry, like garlic.

Pain Killers – herpes can be painful and discomforting especially during outbreaks. Some sufferers even experience fever and body pain whenever the sores are triggered. To address this concern, sufferers can take over the counter pain killers, in order to lessen the discomfort.

Practice proper hygiene for herpes – cleaning your body and the affected area regularly will prevent herpes outbreak. Make sure that the affected area is always clean and dry, to prevent bacteria from breeding and multiplying.

These are the different non prescription medications that you can take, to prevent herpes outbreaks. These treatments are proven to help sufferers, but people taking any of these treatments should be extra careful and mindful of what they are taking, particularly the ones taken by mouth. Medications should be used as prescribed, in order to achieve a desirable result, and not something that will just make the condition worst.

Sufferers who opt to chose non prescription medication, however, is still advised to seek medical help, especially when the medication he or she is currently taking/using is not providing the targeted results.