Tips to Protect Your Skin From the Sun

People aren’t even aware of how bad the sun can be for their skin. Using sunscreen is probably one of the easiest ways to prevent skin cancer. Still, people get sunburns and other skin damage from simply forgetting to apply their sunscreen.

The trick to keeping your skin safe from the sun is regularly putting sunscreen on every exposed skin part and face before going out. With all this in mind, here’s’ what to do to stay safe during a long day on the beach.

1. Always Use Sunscreen

Even if it’s cloudy outside, you need your sunscreen. Clouds don’t prevent the harmful UV sun rays from reaching your skin. You need to use your sunscreen, especially before you go out. Use lipstick or a lip balm containing a sun protection factor to keep your lips protected as well.

Use a broad spectrum sunscreen to make sure you’re protected against both UVB and UVA radiation. Active sunscreen products are most recommended and Frezyderm might be just the thing you need to ensure maximum protection.

If you have tattoos, they need special care as well. Your perfect sunscreen needs to have an SPF of at least 30 and going even higher is recommended.

2. Apply Your Sunscreen Regularly

If you’re just spending a day in the sun, make sure you apply your sunscreen every two hours. Cut it down to one hour if you’re doing any activities that cause you to sweat or if you’re going swimming.

Being around sand and water demands extra measures of precaution, as these surfaces help reflect the damaging sun rays that do more damage than just giving you sunburns.

3. Limit Your Time in the Sun

Sun rays are the most intense between 12:00 AM and 5:00 PM, so you should limit your time in the sun between these hours. Keep the shadow rule in mind. The sun rays are the most intense when your shadow is shorter than you. If that happens, finding a shade is a good idea.

Always wear a pair of sunglasses with UV absorption lenses and accessorize with any type of protection, such as a hat that shades your ears, neck, and face. It isn’t hard to keep yourself safe while enjoying a day in the sun and with these easy tips, you will get the most of each experience, knowing that your skin is always safe and protected.