Eric Leduc Florida And His Love Of Community

Born in Milverton, Ontario on March 31st, 1992, Eric Leduc currently resides in Florida and plays hockey professionally. Starting out as an emergency medical technician, he later obtained his Business and Marketing degree from Fanshawe College. Leduc is also a Florida Hockey Club fitness coach. Prior to moving to the States, he played for the Huron Perth AAA Lakers and numbers Milverton Minor hockey clubs, making over 400 appearances. The son of Ken and Martha Leduc, Eric was raised to value and give back to his community.

Eric Leduc’s Interests and Hobbies

While Leduc is focused on his career in business and marketing, he still finds time to enjoy the little things that bring him pleasure in life. Leduc is passionate about physical fitness, something that he adds into his daily routine. Frequent visits to the gym coupled with a healthy diet and long walks around his town help him prioritize his health and wellness.

Leduc’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Leduc exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit and notes that ‘Meditations’ by Marcus Aurelius is his favourite book, one he finds motivational and a must-read for every entrepreneur. Leduc finds the emergence of new opportunities to be the best part of being an entrepreneur. He looks forward to what new developments will emerge throughout the new year as he never lets life and its many surprises to sway him from his course.

Community Work and Pride

Although Leduc has accomplished much, from his career as a professional hockey player to his EMT career, his Business and Marketing degree and entrepreneurial exploits, Leduc considers his role in creating his community hockey academy his finest work. With his upbringing at the forefront of his mind, Leduc helped create the Milverton hockey academy to help the youth of his community focus on a positive, healthy, and rewarding passion: hockey. As an entrepreneur, Leduc knows how important it is to reach out to new talents and help them along the way. Leduc enjoys giving back to the community that contributed to who he is today, and that is an experience he wants to relive in the experiences and nurturing of younger generations of hockey players to come.

The Mentoring Spirit

While there are numerous business and entrepreneurial resources around, there is little help comparable to that of someone who has walked the walk and knows how to guide you. Leduc has experienced how beneficial it can be when someone reaches out to guide others along the path they have helped forge before them. As a business and marketing entrepreneur, Leduc holds the mentoring aspect of the industry to the highest level of importance. Just as Leduc wants to be a part of ushering in the next generation of hockey players from his town of origin, he also sees the value of helping emerging entrepreneurs along the way as well.

Eric Leduc Florida is one of those individuals to watch in upcoming years. His ingenuity and dedication can only lead him to greater things as he continues to work towards creating a better community in his home town and further cultivating a close-knit entrepreneurial community.

Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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