Tips for finding the ideal drug and rehab center

Deciding to seek the services of a drug and alcohol rehab in New Jersey is a bold move towards recovery. However, for your decision to turn your life around, you need to find the right rehab center that can afford your treatment services that will meet your specifics needs.

While there are various rehab treatment centers to choose from picking the right can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be, especially following the tips below:


Going to rehab to overcome an addiction to drugs and alcohol is a tough call and you ought to have a qualified center for a successful recovery. Just like other institutions, rehab centers are regulated by government authorities and required to have accreditations for the services they offer. As such, you should consider the accreditation status of a rehab center before paying for their services.

When choosing a rehab center, ask for the Joint Commission Behavioral Health accreditation status. The accreditation issued by the Joint Commission Behavioral Health is the highest standard for addiction service centers and mental health institutions. Therefore, a rehab with such accreditation is an ideal option.

Staff experience and professionalism

The distinguishing characteristic between various rehab centers is the level of qualifications of their staff members. A quality rehab center has highly-qualified staff with credentials for their practice and accreditations from the Joint Commission Behavioral Health. With qualified rehab staff, you will receive empathy from the start of the treatment for personalized treatment service.

A good relationship between you and your rehab doctor is an influential factor in your recovery journey. In fact, having a real connection with your doctor will make the process manageable and eliminate all barriers to communications through trust and truthful communications.

Length of the Treatment Process

A reliable drug and alcohol rehab in New Jersey will have up-to-date treatments and incorporate new methods of as they arise. A credible rehab center will require you to stay for an adequate span of time to complete your treatment. Therefore, you can determine the quality of a rehab center from the stipulated time of stay, which is the chief determiner of the success of treatment. Rehab centers have a well-regulated environment, and it is essential to have an adequate treatment period for full recovery and avoid the chances of relapse.


There are about 14, 500 rehab centers in the US approved by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Out of all these facilities, it is advisable to choose a rehab center far from your immediate environment to avoid peer influence and experience a new place to help you focus on your recovery. Also, it is good for your peace of mind and helps you cultivate a sense of solitude, which is necessary for the recovery journey.

Other considerations include dual diagnosis treatment, aftercare programs, and the availability of detox services.

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