Three Types of Extreme Massage

Massage is a practical, natural healing method that most people find relaxing and restorative. Even if you do not attend a professional training like IKRA Massage Therapy School, you can probably accomplish some minor healing with a little bit of steady pressure on your own body or on someone else. Of course, a quality education on proper technique and the philosophies behind massage—not to mention a thorough understanding of anatomy—can really make a difference.

This is especially true when it comes to some of the more extreme massage modalities.  While most people are probably familiar with the medium-intensity of Swedish massage, there are more advanced forms that are designed to accomplish very specific types of therapy.  Some of these modalities can be intense—even painful—but sometimes the pain involved helps to alleviate far more chronic or painful conditions.

#1:  Deep Tissue Massage

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It is important to note that deep tissue massage is not necessarily always painful or intense.  This modality is more focused and can be more extreme but the level of intensity really depends on the type of healing you are trying to accomplish.  While Swedish massage, for example, is designed to alleviate generalize pain or cramping—to achieve an overall relaxed state—deep tissue massage focuses more and problem areas known as trigger points.  Trigger point massages tend to be more applicable to specific injuries from sports, car accidents, and repetitive use (also often related to sports).

#2:  Thai Massage

Thai massage is also an extreme massage modality that is not always painful but can be when applied to its greatest extent.  Thai massage is interesting because it combines rhythmic compression (like some aspects of Swedish massage) with strategic yoga stretches to help improve circulation to relieve cramping in the muscles.  With greater blood flow, you will feel more flexible and more energetic, even though it can start out somewhat painful.

#3:  Rolfing

Among the extreme forms of massage, rolfing may be the most painful. This modality is so unique and specialized, you may not have even heard of it! Rolfing is actually a trademarked system of bodywork which aims to manipulate soft tissue in unique ways.  Coupled with strategic movements, the focus of rolfing is to alleviate strain and pain by attempting to adjust the body’s natural posture, which is achieved through a very focused manipulation of the myofascial muscle tissues (the connective tissue).