The Different Types of Lip Fillers and How to Choose the Right One

Over the past few years, lip plumping treatments have seen a sharp rise in their popularity and it has slowly become a viable option for all those who are looking for a slight lusciousness in their lips. Due to the growth in the lip treatment industry, there have been various different methods and variants of fillers that have come to light that the clients can choose from.

Lip fillers have now been developed with the technique and particles that will suit the clients’ demands. The lip fillers will not only plump the lips but also help it maintain their shape so the treatment looks natural and not overwhelming. A good lip augmentation particle will add volume, lift, and slightly change the shape of the lip without completely distorting it.

How to find the right filler?

The presences of numerous fillers may be overwhelming but there are certain factors that you look to which will help you determine your choice. Finding the right filler for yourself will depend on the budget you have, the doctor you are linked to, their experience in the field, the condition of your skin (this does not have to be any particular skin disease, but it can be as simple as sun damage or the elasticity of your skin, basically the overall health of your skin). If you are consulting a friend you need to keep in mind as to not get the same filler as their’s since everybody’s skin is different.

Types of fillers


This is hyaluronic acid filler with a very close link to water. This means that it is good for retaining moisture in the lips and allows for higher amounts of elasticity which means it has a better capability of providing sculpt and lift to the lifts. It is also high in viscous content which means that it will maintain the natural shape of the lips. It consists of one percent of the hyaluronic chain which means that this treatment would last up to six to nine months.

Juvederm Ultra XC

This type of filler is known to have a higher level of hyaluronic content present than when compared to Restylane. The content of G prime is also higher in this filler than when compared to Restylane which means that the lips become softer and are more horizontal in the spread of direction. It also contains lidocaine which an anesthetic known to reduce the pain that comes with injections and helps with giving the lips a fuller look. Since there is a greater level of cross-linking with the hyaluronic chain it means that it is bound to last longer than Restylane, which is up to nine months or a year.

Juvederm Volbella

This is the newer technology in the lip filler department. It has the lowest level of hyaluronic acid present which means there is less water content. This is the lip filler to choose if you wish for a more natural look since it will give a very subtle volume to the lips. Though it gives mild and natural looking results does not mean that it will dissolve quickly, this filler takes up to one year to disintegrate completely.

If you are overwhelmed by the choices make sure to speak to your dermatologist for best advice.