Smarter Options for Waxing Process


Made in an institute or at home, oriental hair removal is becoming more and more successful. It must be said that sugar wax is ultra-effective to overcome hair. We tell you everything about this natural technique used for centuries by Maghreb women.

Ancestral method used in the countries of the Maghreb and the Middle East, oriental hair removal is performed with a warm wax sugar, also called caramel. It can be used on all parts of the body, from the legs, underarms, through the arms or the jersey, without risk of burns or allergies. One can carry out his oriental hair removal institute or use ready-made waxes imagined by brands. But for a really traditional oriental hair removal, you can make your caramel yourself. By making its sugar wax, it is indeed safe to have a pure caramel and natural. With the waxing whitefish MTservice the whole process becomes perfect.


Consisting solely of sugar, honey, lemon juice and water, oriental wax is totally natural . It does not contain any chemical additives. Ecological, it is also economical. It costs almost nothing if you make your own caramel. Oriental wax is especially effective against hair. The lemon juice burning the bulb of the hair, its regrowth is slower than with a conventional wax. We thus enjoy 4 weeks of tranquility. In addition, as waxing progresses, hairs grow thinner and fewer. Finally, sugar has antiseptic and healing properties, lemon is purifying and honey softening. Result, this natural cocktail avoids the appearance of ingrown hairs, has an exfoliating action and leaves our skin soft and silky.

Recipe for making your own caramel

First step, gather the necessary ingredients. We need 50 grams of powdered sugar (the equivalent of two glasses), half a glass of water, the juice of half a lemon, two tablespoons of honey and a saucepan. We then go to the stove. Pour the sugar, water, lemon juice and honey into the pan and mix everything. This mixture is heated on low heat until it becomes consistent and homogeneous and takes a golden color. We then take a small sample between the fingers to check the texture. If it is thick and supple then our caramel is ready and can be removed from the fire. The mixture is poured on a flat surface to allow it to cool slightly.

How to use his caramel

After forming a medium ball with lukewarm wax, one spreads its caramel on the skin by hand. The real oriental wax does not require any spatula, nor do you need strips of fabric to remove it. Just apply a strip of wax, more or less long and wide depending on the area to be derailed, in the direction of the hair that is removed immediately with a dry gesture, always by hand, in the opposite direction of the hair this time. We then renew the operation by mixing the ball between each application to keep the wax malleable. After the hair removal, the skin is cleansed with a warm moistened towel. One of the advantages of oriental wax is that it does not leave infernal sticky residues to be removed. The sugar melts in contact with heat; it is very easy to overcome with hot water.