Prepare Yourself for a Dynamic Career as a Phlebotomist with Reliable Training

With the ever-increasing demands for qualified professionals in healthcare many aspirants look for the suitable role to start their career in always-on demands healthcare industry.  Phlebotomy is a procedure associated with drawing blood from patients for testing or for donation purpose.  The career as a phlebotomist is fun, challenging and rewarding. Knowing the importance of phlebotomy in the diagnosis of diseases nowadays most of the reputed healthcare centers, hospitals, clinics, community health centers, etc. offer good compensation to phlebotomists for their contribution in determining right treatment procedure for patients eventually helping the healthcare center to build a good reputation and long-lasting relationship with patients.

Short-term phlebotomy courses

Phlebotomists with in-depth knowledge of venipuncture, good people skills and the ability to handle high-pressure situations are always welcomed by all types of healthcare centers. Though certification in phlebotomy is optional but most of the aspiring phlebotomists pursue short-term phlebotomy program from reputed medical school and then join industry with proper understanding of their role and responsibilities as they know serious complications such as hemoconcentration, petechiae, thrombus, edema, excessive bleeding, feeling light-headed, fainting, nerve damage, etc. might arise if they do not follow correct procedure.

 Phlebotomists meet a broad range of patients from different walks of life and health conditions on a daily basis and hence along with formal training developing interpersonal skills could be immensely beneficial. You can check out for more information.

Perform duties flawlessly

The phlebotomist has to perform series of the procedure before sending the specimen to the destination.  Slight negligence from phlebotomist end might put patients’ health at risk. Hence phlebotomists need to be absolutely dedicated towards their job and treat every patient with love and respect. Some of the duties that need to be performed flawlessly for smooth working experience are:

  • Identifying the right patients after evaluating his/her details
  • Explaining the procedure to patients and providing them with moral support
  • Updating patient records
  • Selecting the right site for puncture
  • Swab the site with antiseptic
  • Sterilizing equipment before use
  • Performing venipuncture as painlessly as possible
  • Disposing the user devices at the correct container
  • Prompt delivery of blood sample to the designated laboratory at perfect condition

Effective and reliable equipment

Phlebotomists should be familiar with all the equipment such as needles, syringes, holder/ adapter, tourniquet, alcohol wipes, povidone-iodine wipes/ swabs, gauze sponges, adhesive bandages/tape, needle disposal unit, etc. unfailingly should check the quality of the equipment before performing venipuncture. Phlebotomy tubes play a vital role in avoiding cross-contamination and accuracy of the results, and phlebotomists have to choose right color top as per test requirements as each color tube indicate the presence of certain additives.

Recommended use of tubes for a specific test are as follows:

  • Yellow top tube – Use to be cultured for the presence of microorganisms
  • Light blue tube- Coagulation studies (Prothrombin Time, Partial Thromboplastin Time, Fibrin Degradation products, Thrombin Time, Bleeding Time)
  • Green top tubes- Chemistry test performed on plasma (Ammonia, Carboxyhemoglobin, Stat Electrolytes)
  • Gray top tube- Chemistry (Fasting Blood Sugar, Glucose Tolerance Test, Blood alcohol levels, Lactic acid)