Benefits of online therapy

There are several reasons why many people today choose internet-based psychologist services over what is usually called traditional psychology services. The main advantage is that it is convenient and easy to get an appointment with a psychologist online. Focus on reading to know more.

Research shows that online therapy in most cases has the same effect as seeing the psychologist in person. But when it comes to serious mental health issues, traditional psychotherapy is preferred.

Benefits of online therapy

  • Immediate help in the form of professional assessment and treatment with a psychologist, no waiting times.
  • The geographical area does not limit the choice of the psychologist. If you live in a small town where sufficient confidentiality is difficult to achieve, you can be anonymous through internet-based treatment. You can travel for work, or live in another country and still enjoy a continuous psychological treatment in your language.
  • Time-efficient as you do not have to spend time going to a clinic.
  • Flexible treatment times and continuity. You who have irregular working hours and/or travel a lot in your job can still use psychological services.
  • Simplifies treatment. If you have a disability in the form of a physical or mental diagnosis that constitutes an obstacle to getting to a psychologist’s clinic, internet-based psychological services are a good alternative.
  • Greater emotional commitment as some clients dare to be more open over the internet compared to a personal meeting.

For almost a year now, you can meet a psychologist online at My Doctor. Our psychologists treat with CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy. Several studies show that CBT online is comparable to meeting the psychologist via a physical meeting.

The physical encounter with a therapist has long been seen as an important part of psychological treatment. But research shows that cognitive behavioural therapy, CBT, works at least as well online.

The comparative studies that exist indicate that common problems such as depression and anxiety are treated as effectively digitally as in physical meetings. As a patient, it is probably more important to choose the type of contact that feels good, and where one as a patient believes he or she has the opportunity to complete the entire treatment.

Easier to complete the entire treatment

If you feel unwell, stressed or have difficulty sleeping, you may need to seek help to overcome your problems. CBT means that you gradually change how you feel and behave. For many, it is a challenge to complete their treatment, which can be facilitated when the treatment takes place online.

Simplified, you can say that the most important thing about a treatment is that you carry it out. CBT online is flexible, you can see the psychologist no matter where you are, which suits some very well.

Closer contact online

Studies also show that patients and therapists have an equally good relationship regardless of whether their meetings take place physically or online. Another advantage is that you can have contacted more often if you are seen online. Other strengths are that psychologists feel that it is easier to follow the treatment protocol.

Just like in any other treatment, there is a treatment protocol in psychology and CBT, a kind of manual for how the psychologist should deal with a certain type of problem. In psychology, a fairly well-known problem is that one deviates from the protocol, perhaps because the patient wants to talk about something else. In CBT online, the psychologist gets help on the stack to stick to the protocol, which has a good effect on the patient’s mood.

Access to the information

With us, the patient has access to all conversation and all material, between conversations and even after treatment. It will be like a manual that you can go back to.