Passing Urine Tests For Cocaine- How To Guide

Using Synthetic Urine for Cocaine Tests

It, however, comes with a lot of risks, should a person be caught trying to slip in synthetic urine to pass a urine drug test. There are many companies online that make these synthetic urines. Before getting synthetic urine, it is important to know if you would be taking the drug supervised or not.  

If there is a security watch, you will be in a lot of trouble if you are caught using it to pass a cocaine test. Synthetic urine is one of the most effective ways to pass a drug test. It is also known as fake urine because it involves substituting your urine for the synthetic urine. You use it by placing your own urine along with a synthetic product.  

Although there are many companies like the Clear Drug Tests for cocaine page that produce this synthetic urine, only a few of these products actually work. You can search for reviews on the best synthetic urine that is sold online.  

Some of the synthetic urine products you can find include:  

– Quick Fix Plus.   

This is one of the best synthetic urine product you can find online. The makers ensure that the kit contains uric acid which most labs look out for to detect fake urine. The best way to pass a drug test with this synthetic product is to follow the instructions carefully. Pre-prepared urine is usually the best method to pass the test.  

– The Peapack Kit  

This synthetic product has a medical apparatus that allows a person to dispense the urine contents while it is hidden inside the pack in your cloth. It also contains uric acid and has a heat strip to keep the urine at body temperature.  

– Monkey Dong.   

It is another quality synthetic urine that offers fake urine that cannot be detected. It has urine dispensing device that makes it look like you are actually peeing with its prosthetic penis. It can be reused for another drug test.

Midstream Urination   

If you are unable to learn anything you need from other techniques in this article, you can better still use the middle parts of your urine. The midstream of your urine does not carry as many toxins as the first and last part of the urine. What you do is eliminate a little urine before you put some inside the pee cup. This less stressful method can increase your chances of getting a clean urine result.  

This method, however, is quite risky especially if it is not timed properly. You have to avoid giving out the first part and the last part of urine for the test.