Orthodontics 101: Benefits of using braces

The placement of braces is always a pending issue in those who suffer from a poor dental alignment. Even if they know using them will improve their appearance and oral health, people usually postpone this decision.

Yes, the rumors are true. Having braces comes with specific responsibilities, such as having foods you cannot keep eating or going monthly to your orthodontist’s consult to make the corresponding adjustments, but there are also several benefits that make the balance lean towards health and aesthetics, making an effort worth it.


These are some of the benefits of using braces:


This may be the most obvious benefit. After the action of the braces, you will enjoy a perfect smile. The teeth will be aligned correctly, and this effect will be maintained over time by the retainers.

Reduces the risk of cavities

Thanks to the movement of the braces, teeth will no longer be crowded, and since it will not be as hard to remove the remains of food that were previously trapped between the teeth, oral hygiene will improve significantly harder for cavities to develop.

Reduces the risk of developing periodontal diseases

As we explained above, when your teeth are located correctly, without being crowded or having interdental spaces, you can have better oral hygiene and thus avoid diseases that affect the gums.

Improved chewing and digestion

When your teeth are correctly positioned, you will chew correctly, and the entire digestive process will improve.

Prevents uneven wear of the teeth

If you have a bad dental position, certain teeth suffer more wear than others, especially when chewing. This can ultimately cause maxillary and joint problems. Once the position of the teeth has been corrected, the wear is uniform and mouth muscles don’t overstress.

Improvement of self-esteem and self-confidence

Your self-esteem or your children’s one, if they are the ones getting the treatment, will improve once they start their treatment of dental braces. When kids or teenagers have crooked teeth, chances are they are worried about how their schoolmates think about them.

Even though they can be worried about wearing braces, since they are pretty visible, you can help them to overcome this by looking for an orthodontist who works with Invisalign. In this way, they will not have to think about how they are going to look.

This is natural, and even more in teenagers since they are barely starting their social life and may be interested in the opposite sex. If they can face their fears, they will be ready to be successful in the future.

According to orthodontist Calgary ne, and to TheNY Times article, many people see braces as an investment for the future of their kids, and you should do the same.

Why are there still so many people who have never had braces?

There are many reasons for this. Some of them are.

  • They do not realize they have crooked teeth or the high impact it has on their appearance.
  • Carelessness or lack of time to start the treatment.
  • Fear of having a painful process, or how they will look in the meanwhile.
  • Believe they are too old for using braces.
  • Lack of money.

The pain that arises after the braces are adjusted every fifteen days or every month, will be somewhat intense. Always try to bring a couple of painkillers with you, they’ll save you! While you can continue to have the same diet, now you will have to cut all your food into tiny pieces, so that your teeth have to make the least possible effort.

It is very likely that the first days you feel that you have inflamed lips, and it is normal. As the days go by, you will get used to it, and when you take it away, you will miss it, even if you do not believe it!

Luckily, the last three problems are as big problems as they used to be. Age is never a factor, and many clinics offer treatments of Invisalign to deal with both price, appearance and price.


Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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