Smarter Details for the Right Weight Loss Options


As the name suggests, this is a diet where you abruptly stop eating your normal diet. Instead, you eat fresh soup or yogurt for a week. Homemade soup with fresh vegetables is healthy and satisfies hunger. Do not add fatty stock, cream, pasta, rice, vermicelli or meatballs, because the calorie content will increase considerably. Use low-fat stock cubes, 1 block per liter of water. You should not eat ready-made soups from the supermarket. They contain a lot of salt, thickeners, fragrances, flavors and colors and few vitamins B and C. The crash diet works well in the short term; you can lose a few kilos in a week. Your body must be considerably weakened.

There is a good chance that the lost pounds will be added soon. A better alternative is the Protein Protein Diet. The protein-rich food feels saturated. This keeps the nagging hunger out and people lose weight evenly. Along with this you can also take Phenq. However, before that you need to be sure of Phenq side effects now.

Protein diet

Another name is the Dukan diet named after the French nutritionist who devised it. The principle of the protein diet is to eat foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates and lipids. Food that can be eaten in the first period (1-10 days) is lean meat, eggs, low-fat milk products, poultry, seafood and at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

Tips lose weight in a week

Normal tips for losing weight are not that hard to come up with. But to consistently maintain them first of all try to eat as healthy as possible. That means plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and as little as possible microwave meals or fat food. Lean meat and fish dishes such as chicken and mackerel are healthier than a meatball with gravy. Drink water instead of lemonade and cola that contains a lot of sugar. Limit the eating of snacks, chips and chocolate. Exercise enough every day by cycling, walking or going to the gym. With exclusive kitchen utensils from Pure Olive Wood you can serve healthy salads in olive wood bowls.

Metabolism & diabetes

Metabolism is the whole of processes in which your body breaks down food and converts it into energy. The speed at which this happens is not the same for everyone. It depends, among other things, on your gender, age and genetic predisposition. Men, for example, burn faster and more calories than women. A general guideline is that a woman needs an average of 2000 calories (kcal) per day and a man needs an average of 2500 kcal per day. An important metabolic process is the process in which carbohydrates are converted into glucose.

Lose weight in the healthy way

By eating and exercising healthy you can lose weight in a healthy way. A nutritious breakfast and lunch ensure that calories are burned and that there is less need for sweets during the day. For starting athletes, cross-training, walking and cycling are recommended.