My Personal Training Courses – No More of the Same Old Cookie Cutter Courses

If you have heard my name, which Ido Fishman, you must be aware of how I have made things work in my life. I am personal trainer, but that’s not the only thing I do. Talk to me about finances, and I will explore all the hidden secrets that can help you make millions. And when it comes to personal training, I have made sure that my courses are different from the ones that are available on the internet. Here’s a personal gripe I have with today’s personal trainers. 

A Personal Gripe with Today’s Personal Trainers

When I look at today’s personal trainers, they have spent their lives training themselves and others. They have different types of trainings that they do. Some are expert in yoga while others prefer pilates. Some have their unconventional methods of bringing you to the fitness world. However, I find it weird that these personal trainers talk about nothing more than their personal training experience. I believe that when you are physically fit, you are mentally fit too. And when you are both physically and mentally fit, you should be the biggest achiever in the world. 

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I think my financial career is associated with my fitness. Had I not been fit physically and mentally, I would not have achieved what I have in the financial world. So, I highly recommend today’s personal trainers to inspire and motivate their students to achieve big in life. Personal training is just a part of making you a better human physically. There are other challenges in life that you have to overcome to prove yourself to the world. Let your personal fitness be the springboard that launches you into a successful career. 

What Makes Ido Fishman Personal Training Courses Different 

Here, I will tell you each and everything that makes my courses unlike any other personal training courses you will find on the internet. 


  • I Like to Listen


I don’t listen. I LIKE to listen. When you like to do something, you enjoy doing it. Many personal trainers claim that they listen to you but they do it annoyingly. They just want to tell you their program and get to it as fast as possible. You never feel a connection with them. They look like robots that are stretching their limbs to prove a point. I believe that personal training is as much about having a personal connection as it is about physical fitness. Unless I make you feel comfortable with myself and your body, I will not achieve anything with my training. And that’s my firm belief. 


  • I Have different Courses for Different People


So you are telling me that someone is selling a personal fitness DVD on Amazon that is supposed to work identically for every person who buys it? How is that even possible? Send two people to a movie and they will come back having a different interpretation to the same movie that they watched together. When you talk about personal fitness, you are referring to millions and millions of people. Perhaps, you are a male who is 5’10” tall and weighs 250lbs. The other person who wants to be fit might weigh 250lbs but is only 5’2” tall. 

You are telling me that these two people will get the same results from the same DVD that teaches them the same moves in the same monotonous manner? I don’t believe that. I have crafted different personal training courses for people with different requirements. You will never feel like a stranger to my party. I will make sure that you get to experience a personal training experience that is designed only for you. 


  • I Go Systematically 


Being systematic means being organized for me. I have a system that I want you to be a part of when you want to be fit. I don’t just tell you to pick up some weights and start going crazy with the reps straight away. That does not work. More importantly, it does not inspire people to do anything special in their lives. I have a system in which you will feel like doing the exercises. You will be motivated to do work out to be fit. 

I will never leave you alone during your personal training. I will create a personal fitness plan for you based on your personal fitness needs, current budget, and resources. What if you can’t afford a big gym machine in your house? Do I have to force you to buy one because my program requires you to have one? 

Do You Really Need a Personal Training Course?

But can’t you do all the workouts yourself? Do you really need a personal training course to learn how to be fit? Well, you most definitely need a personal training course because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be searching for one. Finding the motivation that keeps you going into workouts every single day is not easy. But when you start doing things the wrong way, you demotivate yourself from doing the workouts altogether. In addition to that, losing weight is not as easy as it may seem. As I mentioned above, I have created a system that helps you become fit and healthy. 

When you are living in an environment where you don’t have to be answerable to anyone for your actions, and where you are constantly tempted to eat too much and keep sitting, you can’t really achieve anything. In addition to that, you don’t know where to start, which means you will never start. That’s where you need my personal training course. 

Start Changing Your Fitness Level Today

There is no better and bigger wealth than your fitness. All that you enjoy today is because of your fitness. So, you have to make sure that you keep yourself healthy for the lifetime. If you had lost track in your life and became overweight, I will bring you back on track. I will help you achieve everything that you have missed in your life. Sign up for my personal training courses right now or give me call at (phone number) to discuss your options.