Losing weight can also make your hair fall out?

A variety of reasons are responsible for hair loss ranging from unhealthy eating and poor nutrition to diseases and aging; and one of them is  weight loss. You may be at risk for a serious medical condition when you lose weight without trying and begin to lose hair on top. Individuals suffering from eating disorders time and again hit upon ways to cover their weight and hair loss and denial to eat. Other conditions that can lead to unexplained weight loss and thin hair are drug addiction and alcoholism. The common mental disorder that affects the elderly and causes unintentional weight loss and reduced hair growth is depression.


The disease that results in extreme weight loss, even when the patient eats plenty of calories is Hyperthyroidism. When cancer cells ire through the body, unintended and unsolved weight loss can take place. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation are some of the causes of hair fall. The two other diseases commonly associated with unexplained weight loss and thinning hair are Chronic diarrhea and AIDS.


Hair loss and unexplained weight loss is a result of the side effects from stress, hormone changes and some medications. Fungal infections and other immune-compromising illnesses also cause alopecia, or hair loss and a sudden fall in weight.


By examining the pattern of baldness and taking a family history doctors can diagnose the cause of hair loss. Blood tests, hair sample tests and biopsies can assist doctors find out infections and other system-wide diseases. Honest talk and close monitoring with a physician can disclose behaviours or thought processes that causes weight and hair loss. Hair fall after weight loss is a very common problem. It’s vital to recognize the reason of hair loss and get it treated before it’s too late.

How to control hair fall?

One of the most readily available nutrients in everyday food is protein which makes up almost the entire hair structure. You should increase intake of protein rich foods like red meat, beans, and seafood. Vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, and zinc are other key hair growth vitamins and nutrients. These vitamins and minerals contribute to regular hair growth and can be found in about every standard weight-loss diet. It is a normal process if you’re experiencing some hair thinning after weight loss. Your hair follicles are adjusting to the changes and they aren’t permanently damaged. Watch your diet and raise intake of nutrients to effectively grow your hair. Consult a specialist who can help you with your problem if you’re having trouble getting all of the nutrients you need for your best hair growth.

Homeopathy for hair loss due to weight loss

  • Homeopathic treatments for hair loss not only help to decrease it but also lend a hand to increase the metabolism and accelerate weight loss.
  • By correcting digestion, increasing metabolism and elimination of toxins homeopathic medicines can help you lose weight
  • Homeopathic medicine also takes care of medical, hormonal or psychological causes of obesity.
  • Homeopathic medicine aid to improve the nutrient absorption and digestion.
  • It recovers hair health and general health.