Why Eye Care Is Important to Overall Health

Many take their eyes for granted. Most people do not think much about their eyes until something happens that might affect their ability to see clearly. The importance of regular and professional eye care to the overall health of the person cannot be overstated. Those that have chronic or serious diseases should also have regular eye exams to save their vision for the future. Health conditions like glaucoma, thyroid problems, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, circulation issues and much more are all reasons to make an appointment for a vision exam by a qualified ophthalmologist. A visual baseline is important to compare changes in the eyes over time. 

An ophthalmologist is an eye specialist with the knowledge, training and skill to assess and diagnose eye ailments and visual issues. This eye expert can also perform many surgeries involving the eye. An optician is another eye expert able to test vision, prescribe lens strengths and other duties. An ophthalmologist should be seen if the patient has chronic or serious health problems that could affect the eye, and someone who sustains a major eye injury should also consult with an actual ophthalmologist as well. It is crucial to get an expert opinion if abnormal eye and/or vision changes occur. 

A full eye exam should also include a comprehensive review of each patient’s health, eyesight and other related categories. Early treatment of glaucoma, diabetes induced eye problems, eyesight changes due to Grave’s disease and other issues can prevent further eye complications. There are many medications necessary for the treatment of a wide range of diseases and health issues that can also negatively affect the patient’s eye health and visual acuity. Most family physicians and other health specialists will give a recommendation for an eye exam with an ophthalmologist as a precaution. 

There are many area eye professionals in the field of ophthalmology austin residents can consult for experienced eye exams and eye care. Individuals often develop serious eye issues due to the aging process. The development of cataracts is more prevalent in individuals with a Scandinavian heritage that have fair skin and blue or other light-colored eyes. Excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful rays is thought to be a cause of cataracts. Diabetics often develop problems with their eyes, and individuals with heart and circulation issues should also get their eyes professionally examined. 

Changes in eyesight can often indicate other underlying health problems. Eyes that appear yellow could be a result of liver and kidney failure or abnormalities. Eyes that begin to bulge outwards is an indicator of Grave’s disease. This is an autoimmune disease that causes the thyroid gland to overwork, and eventually serious eye changes can be noted. Dry eyes can cause redness, irritation and pain in the eyes, and an ophthalmologist can perform tear duct surgery or prescribe various eye drops and medications to alleviate this common eye condition. Neglecting to take the proper care of your eyes and eyesight could result in further problems including blindness down the road.