Kombucha Tea

Functional beverages are often both sought after and controversial at the same time. This would appear to hold true for Kombucha. The effervescent tea drink is widely believed to have many health benefits and has gained popularity over the years; though not too much is known about its origins. Kombucha tea can be made at home, and is also widely distributed by companies. It is made using a process called “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast”. Many would prefer to add this to their diet in replacement for ordinary sugar laden carbonated drinks.

There have been claims made to the wide ranging health benefits of consuming the product. These have included help in weight loss and digestion, as well as aiding to cure diabetes, asthma and insomnia to name just a few. However, there has been insufficient evidence to support the validity of any of these health claims.

Despite this lack of evidence, there do certainly appear to be advantages to the body. Firstly, the tea drink is high in vitamin B12 to help with energy levels. If green tea is used to prepare it, this will have great benefits due to the antioxidants contained. Green tea also helps to burn more calories and improve cholesterol levels.

Probiotic drinks typically come with a list of adverse effects which consumers should be aware of before trying. However, in this case it mainly seems to be concerning homemade versions as opposed to the commercially bought product, due to possible contamination arising from lack of hygiene or insufficient sterility.

The bottom line is that you will find great advantages to your health and wellbeing when using this product, especially if you choose to use green tea. It is a safer option to buy it commercially, unless you really know how to prepare it properly.