Know the new technical advancement in health medicine with the nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is the basic combination between technology and science. In this article, we will know more about building science and health. As the name suggests, nanotechnology is the branch of science which deals with the very minute or small structures. Basically, it is the branch of science which deals with the particles lower than the 200 nm in size. The people who belong to a medical field can relate to this but the people who are from the nonmedical background will find it very difficult to relate to this. So, let me make it more clear for you by giving you an example. Have you heard about the apple and earth? The dimension between the apple and earth is the actual dimension ratio between the nanometer and meter.

Nanotechnology is helping in the various health fields. Do you know how? With the nanotechnology, the scientists have easily been able to find several new medicines. Though in the starting, the only scientist were focusing on general medicine but nowadays, the scientists are doing several experiments and have been able to find the medicines for AIDS as well as cancer.

Drug delivery and drug discovery are the two arenas in which nanotechnology is doing a lot. There are several areas in which nanotechnology has explored a lot but there are certain arenas in which the scientists are working hard. These areas includes more targeted therapy, in vivo diagnostics, long-term therapy along with the zero side effects. In the past times, the nanotechnology was focusing on the tissue levels but nowadays, the researchers are making it more precise by reaching the cellular as well as multi-cellular levels. Molecular probes and bio-cellular processes allow the examination of cellular processes. The research is occurring aiming at the bimolecular levels.

According to nanotechnology journal, on-site drug delivery is being performed in most of the area of the globe. According to this journal, the drug is getting administered into the nano particle and then the drug is administered into the human body. After the administration, the nano particle enclosing the drug ensures the on-site delivery of the drug, within the decided amount of time. This new innovation with the nanotechnology has allowed several major health institutions to treat their patients in a better way. The areas which were beyond the reach of medicine or doctors, are now achievable with the nanotechnology.

As per biomaterials journal, If I talk about the therapy for cancer then one of the most preferred therapy would be radiation therapy but these therapies are having several side effects. So, nanobots are being used as an alternative to radiation therapy. In this type of therapy, the drug directly gets administered to the site. The unpleasant side effects of the drugs can be reduced with the help of the new nanotechnology therapy. This therapy is also beneficial in patients with diabetes because the drug gets continuously released at the site. So, this is the reason due to which the people are choosing the more natural way of treatment.