Is There an Age Limit for Receiving Dental Implants?

If you are missing one or more of your natural teeth, you may be considering dental implants as they are the most effective teeth replacement option. This is true for several reasons. A dental implant not only replaces your missing tooth root but also the tooth itself. The new root, made of biocompatible material – titanium helps to secure the replacement teeth in place better than dentures and bridges. The other benefits of dental implants in Sydney include

  • Function like a natural tooth
  • Prevent facial sagging
  • A patient can speak, smile, and eat confidently
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lasts lifetime with minimal maintenance

Despite these benefits, a dental implant may not be suitable for patients who are under age 18. In fact, oral hygiene and daily habits of a patient, age, and the type of prosthesis to be used are the primary factors that contribute in deciding the requirement and thereby the success of the dental implants in Sydney. So, it is essential to choose the criteria to perform the treatment at the right point of time to get the desired results.

Minimum age

Before a patient receives dental implants, they must have a fully developed jaw. This doesn’t happen until the late teen or even early adult years. The dentist may take an x-ray of the jawbone and check whether they are completely developed or not to determine if a teenage patient is a suitable candidate for receiving implants.

As the growth of the jaw continues till 20 in most of the cases, it is advisable to start the treatment in people with missing teeth after 18 years. However, every individual is different; it is recommended to check with your dentist and find out whether you are a suitable candidate for receiving dental implants. The dental implants cost in Sydney depends on various factors including the number of implants, the material of the crown, an additional procedure like teeth extraction and bone grafting, and anaesthesia.

Maximum age

There is no upper age limit for receiving dental implants as far as the gums and bone of a patient are healthy.  Any individual above 18years can get dental implant procedure done. Any elderly patients can get the dental implants placed in their missing teeth. Even patients who are 90 years of age have also undergone this procedure without any complications.

Regardless of how you lost of your tooth, it is advisable to ask your dentist whether dental implants are the most appropriate teeth replacement option for you or not and also about the cost of dental implants in Sydney before starting the treatment.