How to Take Care of Surgical Instruments

The durability of any surgical instrument depends on several factors but mostly on how the equipment is treated and used.Instructions should be noted.

Point of Use

Instruments should be cleaned immediately after use to prevent blood or other organic substances dry on the surface or in interstices.

After each use it is recommended:

  • wiping off with a non-woven compress, dirt (antiseptic products, biological tissues)
  • to strongly rinse the reusable instruments with de-ionized or distilled water
  • to flush several times with de-ionized water or distilled water light instruments (cannula type, suction tube, parts
  • to evacuate any substance that could hinder the penetration of the liquid into the instruments.

Confinement and Transport

  • Dirty instruments must be transported separately from uncontaminated instruments.
  • Precautions for handling soiled instruments in force should be observed.
  • It is recommended to treat the instruments as soon as possible after use.
  • The instruments must be kept wet to prevent soiling from drying on the instruments.

Preparation for Cleaning (decontamination)

  • If necessary, disassemble cannulated instruments, instruments with detachable tip (mainly microsurgical instruments).
  • Wipe off the large soils with a non-woven pad soaked in decontamination solution.
  • Flush several light instruments (cannula, suction tube, handpieces, detachable tips) with the solution of decontamination.
  • Completely immerse the instruments in the open position in the decontaminating bath according to the duration recommended by the supplier.
  • Rinse instruments and flush hollow instruments (cannula, suction tube, handpieces, detachable tip) with water
  • de-mineralized or distilled until removal of traces of the decontamination solution.

Surgery Instruments should be kept sterilised and ready to use at all times, and it is also important that you buy it from a reputable company while following the rules noted out in the recommendation leaflets.