How to Improve your Smile Quickly with Cosmetic Dentistry in North York

Everyone would like to maintain a youthful dazzling smile. Unfortunately, the vagaries of life often rob many people off the opportunity. In addition, lifestyle habits such as smoking have resulted to darkening of teeth that were once a beauty to behold. Fortunately, Thornhill dentists have at their disposal the knowledge, skills, experience, and the tools needed to make your smile as impeccable as it was before everything headed south. There are different ways in which you can exploit cosmetic dentistry to give life back to your smile.

  1. Whiten your Teeth

Exposure to substances such as tobacco smoke as well beverages like coffee and certain medical drugs can result into teeth discoloration. When you visit the dentist, a chemical procedure will be used to wash away the discoloration and restore natural whiteness to your teeth. The process takes only a few hours covered within one or two visits to the doctor. Remember to desist from the habits that led to staining of the teeth and observe dental hygiene after the procedure.

  1. Fill in Cracks

Chips or cracks in your teeth are some of the most common culprits for an unattractive smile. Your doctor may recommend bonding to fill them in. The procedure involves applying a material that matches your teeth color. After it is fitted in, there is smoothening and hardening by use of an ultraviolet laser or light.

  1. Get a New Tooth

One of your teeth may be damaged beyond repair and it needs to be replaced with a new one. A metal post will have to be fitted into the jaw into which the new tooth will go. Then the post will be cemented with a crown. Keep in mind that the procedure is one of the most expensive in Thornhill cosmetic dentistry industry. It is even more expensive when there is need to perform extra dental procedure aimed at lifting the sinus cavity or making the jawbone stronger.

  1. Replace all your Teeth

The damage to your teeth may be so serious that you need a new set. Known as dentures, the new fittings are made of metal, acrylic resin or porcelain. The good news is that the procedure will cost a lot less than some other options. In addition, the replacements will be almost similar to your natural teeth. Nevertheless, you may need to make sure that they stick to your gums by use of an adhesive. Remember that you don’t have to replace all your teeth. Additionally, the new set can be removed and replaced whenever there is need.

  1. Renovate your Gums

Your gums may be the main reason why you don’t smile often. There is a solution. Surgery can be performed on your gums to get rid of effects of periodontal disease. The procedure involves reshaping of the gums with tissue recovered from the palate. In the end, the unsightly scars left behind by the disease become a thing of the past.

Final Remarks

You don’t have to hide your smile courtesy of damaged or misshapen teeth or gums. You just need to consult your dentist for advice on picking the best way to improve your smile from the available options. Remember that you don’t have to travel to the end of the world to seek expert cosmetic dentistry services. You can easily and affordably get them in Thornhill.