How to Ace a Physician Interview

Having a successful career starts with taking that first step of applying for the job and showing up at the interview. This applies to all kinds of jobs, whether it’s in the medical field, law, or engineering.

Attending an interview for a medical job can be nerve-wracking. It’s only natural to get the jitters a day before and during the interview, but if you arm yourself with the right knowledge and prepare enough, you can ace it and land the job in no time.

Know what you want

For you to be successful in what you do, you need to know precisely what you want and the outcome you’re expecting. During the interview, whether it’s directly with the employer or a physician recruiter, make sure that you make it clear the salary that you’re expecting, the work location, and the practice that you want to pursue.

The practice is a significant factor that you need to consider in the medical field. There are different types you can choose from, which include HMO, multispecialty, and hospital staff. It will strongly mold how you want to be as a doctor and the colleagues you want to surround yourself with. The practice you choose will also determine your patient load, as well as your administrative and on-call duties.

Being a doctor means you can get assigned to different locations. It is up to you if you want new scenery to explore, or an entirely different culture to be exposed to. This is why you will also need to carefully think about this before accepting a job offer as a medical practitioner. You’ll also have to consider the salary package that comes with the job. Getting assigned to a particular geographic area may mean better pay but might also mean giving up night outs and hanging out with friends.

Note down the questions you want to ask

Preparing for an interview is stressful, and the actual process itself is exhausting. You can quickly lose your train of thought and commit a blunder. It’s a reason why when preparing for a physician job interview, it would be helpful to write down key questions and your answers to them. With the help of the internet, this should be something that you can easily get your hands on. This also goes the same for the questions that you want to ask your interviewer. When you have the list, don’t be afraid to ask the same questions to your different interviewers, because you will be surprised by the variety of answers you can get.

Don’t talk about money

Discussing salary is something that you’ll need your interviewer or recruiter to initiate. However, when it’s not brought up anytime during the interview, you can take the lead by asking about the salary package that comes with the job. It’s only normal for candidates to be concerned about this because it will be a major deciding factor for them whether or not to accept the job offer.

Like all kinds of interviews, remember that you need to dress for success. Bring a confident attitude and arm yourself with good interview preparation, and you’ll surely land the medical job you always wanted.