How Surrogacy Process Carried Out?

In countries where this practice is legal, such as in Britain, the United States, Canada or Ukraine, there are specialized Ukrainian surrogacy agencies through which couples who wish to hire a mother can contact women who offer this service.

These agencies are responsible for carrying out the necessary medical and psychological examinations for all women who are offering their uterus for hire before accepting them as clients. They also take care of the legal aspects of the process.

The rental-mom program is always based on a selfless attitude of the woman who wants to be a hired mother. This should not be guided by economic expectations that in the end do not exist. Normally the agencies reject the requests of the women who with the programs look for the personal economic profit.

The couple, who requires this type of service, first receives a leaflet with all the information. Then meet with the experts, including a lawyer and a psychologist, where the different options are studied and where it is determined which is the right option, whether the traditional or the gestational option.

At that initial meeting, the couple must determine what characteristics the mother expects to hire, what kind of contact she would like to keep with him and all that concerns financial and legal matters.

Then they must choose among women the one that best fits their desires. Rental mothers must meet a number of requirements: they must be mothers of at least two children and know how to raise them, be between 25 and 35 years old, must undergo a rigorous health examination and a psychological evaluation, must have stable economic situation, etc.

Then there is the meeting between both parties and an agreement must be reached on all aspects of pregnancy. Due to the complexity of the issue and possible problems that may arise, it is recommended that both parties have a lawyer. It’s also a good idea to look for psychological counseling, since both the idea of having a baby that has been in your belly for nine months, and the idea of another woman giving birth to your child may be difficult to accept.

Advantages and disadvantages of surrogacy

One of the most obvious positive aspects of the process is that a couple who cannot have children can have a biological child. It is not the same as adopting a child, since the eggs and sperm are from the parents themselves.

Unfortunately, this method also has negative aspects: legal problems, the money this method costs, the anxiety of the whole process, the biological mother’s disagreement in the way the hiring mother carries out the pregnancy, etc. It is a difficult process, psychologically speaking, and one has to be very prepared to face it.