How is Providing Patients and Their Loved Ones With Up-To-Date Information

No one really enjoys hospital visits, which is why there is always a search for a medium that will reduce these visits without hindering effective healthcare. Out there, however, is a web of information and information which can be confusing to most individuals. This is why Precare is strategically positioned to solve numerous problems for care receivers through the provision of the right information. Precare, as the name suggests, intends to create a readiness in the minds of patients and their loved ones in anticipation for medical procedures. Armed with this information, there is a reduction in the number of visits to healthcare facilities.

How Does Precare Works?

Today, Precare is the world first free animated surgical and medical information platform for patients. Precare is helping patients understand what is medically wrong with their body in anticipation for the required medical intervention. Precare is meant to serve as a holistic and proactive guide for patients by providing real-time medical information. It will help patients and their family prepare towards recovery stage. Some of the guides offered include bariatric surgery, Hip surgery, Knee Surgery, colorectal surgery, head and neck procedures, Gynecology, Pregnancy Guide and dozens more!

Information is provided to patients using animated characters on what to expect from their treatment sessions. It gives patients clues as to the pre-operative preparation that should be done. You will have an illustration of what to expect from their upcoming surgery. Precare doesn’t stop there; it also guides patients on what to do postoperatively to live a healthy life.

What Does It Cost to Access Precare?

Enjoying Precare doesn’t come at any cost. All you’ll need is a smartphone, a Laptop or a tablet. You can access Precare anytime and from anywhere globally regardless of your timezone.

Where Does Precare Get All The Information?

Precare relies heavily on information provided by Enhancement Recovery After Surgery which is a critical review of medical literature recently developed as a recovery pathway. Also known as ERAS, it has a positive edge over traditional operative care in the following areas;

  •    There is an observed decreased pain experienced by patients as they are well prepared physically and psychologically which account to decreased length of stay at the medical facility.
  •    Improved patient satisfaction as they have an understanding of how the operative procedure works. This will create a faster recovery process as the patient is also indirectly involved in the care process.
  •    Patients stand a higher chance of resuming normal life faster, unlike the traditional surgical procedure. The patients know what and when to resume normal activities.
  •    Information is power. ERAS through Precare empowers patients and their loved ones which improve the overall health condition.

What Else Does Precare Offers Patients? is beyond just ERAS; it’s a rich resource of health information that can be benefitted without any fee. All that an individual needs to live a healthy life such as physiotherapy demonstrations, exercises, nutritional advice and even products that could help in the recovery process are available at Precare. Precare intends to be a platform that solves problems before they occur and help manage it after the occurrence.