Here’s Why Dental Implants Are Better Than Dentures

Are you one of those unfortunate ones who have teeth that needs immediate attention of a dentist? If that is the case then you might be in a dilemma about whether you should go for dental implants or simply for dentures. Read this blog thoroughly and you will understand why dental implants are better than dentures by many folds.

Difference between the two

Dentures come in two different formats – partial and full. Partial dentures are for those people who have a missing tooth or two. Full dentures, however, are meant for the elderly who have lost their teeth with progressing age. Both partial and full dentures consist of replacement teeth that are fastened on a natural looking base. It consists of clasps and framework that is at par with the individual’s distinct shape of the mouth.

In other news, dental implants can be considered as one step forward towards the perfection and feel of real teeth! They are screwed on the jawbone of a person and fused into position using dental cement. Dental implants are preferred mostly over dentures due to their convenience, and overall natural appearance.

Everyone can go for a denture similarly everyone can opt to go for dental implants if they wish. Even if you are not convinced enough, it is best to read the following sections where we will tell you about a few reasons that make implants preferable overdentures. For further details, you can ask a dentist by simply searching ‘dentist office near me’ on your computer and pay a visit to the dentist today.

If you want to hold on to your natural looking self, go for dental implants

Dentures don’t look, feel nor do they function even close to natural teeth. Implants, on the other hand, do all of these and sometimes even better than real teeth. Dentures can easily be spotted while dental implants cannot be distinguished from your real teeth. On top of that, dentures are unable to give rigidity to your facial structure, implants do just that and make you look as if nothing has changed.

Dental implants are healthier than dentures

Dental implants, although inserted into your jawbone, promotes bone health. Dentures, however, promote progressive loss of bone mass, leading to further removal of teeth. It results in overall deterioration in one’s facial structure.

Dental Implants Are Confidence Boosters

Ask any denture user and they will tell you reluctantly that yes denture does make clicking sounds after a period especially when one is speaking or having their favorite meal. On top of that, the base of dentures loses their proper shape leading to occasional slips leading to embarrassing situations for the person. Dental implants, on the other hand, are more permanent solutions. Since they are fused to your jawbone, screwed and cemented in place by a dental professional, they are far better than dentures.

Closing this blog with another real-life example that can make you understand why you should go for dental implants over dentures – pay attention. You would need to adjust with the new dentures especially when it comes to speaking everyday words during conversations. However, dental implants not only function like the teeth you lost, they even feel like the real deal. Natural bite force enhanced chewing and grinding of food during meals are some of the many perks of having dental implants. So, why not go for them!?