DCA – An Alternative Method of Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a disease which has been spreading at a large scale worldwide. It is a disease in which abnormal cells divide in an uncontrolled manner and destroy the body tissues. If the disease is not detected in the initial stages then it is fatal.

Although there are a number of cancer treatments available depending on the type of cancer sodium dichloroacetate or DCA has emerged as an alternative treatment for cancer. It has been used in many trials with people who have been suffering from brain cancer.

Damaged Mitochondria and Glycolysis

It is difficult to kill cancer cells because they suppress the mitochondria which provide power to the cell. Mitochondria are called the powerhouse of the cell. It acts like a digestive system that takes nutrients inside and breaks them down and forms energy-rich molecules for cells. Its main function is to produce energy for the cell.

When mitochondria are reactivated it kills cancer cells. In case of cancer, mitochondria lose control of energy production system. The level of oxygen declines in the cells and glycolysis starts to occur outside mitochondria due to its damage. There is a decline in oxygen inside the cells and it is the cause of cancer.

Role of DCA in Turning Cancer Mitochondria Back on

A cell which is healthy in that case mitochondria detects the abnormality in the cell and they start apoptosis which leads to the destruction of cancer cells. However in cancerous cells, it is not possible. Mitochondria do not work so cancer cells cannot be destroyed.

DCA can turn on the mitochondria of cancer cells on and it allows to detect the faults in the cells and makes them commit suicide.

Uses of DCA

It is available in many forms like powder, capsules, oral liquids and also via intravenous. It is colorless, odorless and an inexpensive drug. It can be purchased at various online stores. It has a great potential of re-igniting the mitochondria of a cell. It works in a natural way against cancer and it triggers natural cell suicide. It is advisable to take it after consulting your doctor.

Initially, it can be used for a period of 6-8 weeks but a longer treatment is required in certain cases of cancer and if cancer responds to this drug it can be continued for a longer period.


Thus, DCA has become very popular as an alternative treatment for cancer. It has great potential for treating cancer. It has been tested in various clinical trials for its effectiveness.