Brief Knowledge of Withdrawal Symptoms of Marijuana

Have you been using marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes? A majority of people could develop withdrawal symptoms when they stop using it.

Cannabis or marijuana has been deemed a commonly used illicit drug in the US. However, in recent times, a plethora of states in the US have legalized the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana. However, legalization has not seemed to increase marijuana use significantly. It would be pertinent to mention here that marijuana use has been gaining huge popularity in the recent times.

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There have been several misconceptions about whether people could become addicted to cannabis. It would not be wrong to suggest that chances are higher than with regular use, people might become dependent or addicted to marijuana. Let us delve on the reasons that could develop marijuana withdrawal symptoms and consequently, cannabis withdrawal treatment.

Withdrawal symptoms of marijuana

People using cannabis regularly and then stop using marijuana abruptly could develop withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms would be inclusive of abdominal pain, nausea, cravings for marijuana, decreased appetite, and difficulty in sleeping, restlessness, and irritability.

Some research suggests that women might experience huge withdrawal symptoms of higher intensity when compared with men. However, it would need more research.

How to treat marijuana withdrawal

The type of treatment might be dependent on whether or not the person has any co-morbid disorders. It would be inclusive of psychiatric issues or addiction to other available substances.

Some current treatment options would be inclusive of:


  • detoxification and rehabilitation centers


Several people would not be required to use an inpatient rehabilitation service, people having severe cannabis use disorder, co-morbid psychiatric disorders, or poor social functioning could benefit from these services.


  • Support groups


A person would be able to locate or online support groups. It would be used for connecting with others suffering from marijuana use disorder.


  • Outpatient therapy


Several outpatient rehabilitation programs entail working with a mental health provider or a psychotherapist. The patient would be required to attend sessions on a regular basis.

It would not be wrong to suggest that people could become dependent on or even addicted to cannabis or marijuana. They might experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using the drug abruptly. A person might experience mood swings, poor sleep, or stomach problems. Resources have been made available to people who would be interested in quitting marijuana.

In the event of a person ready and willing to quit using marijuana, he or she should ensure to take care of the body according to the recommendations directed by the physician during the peak withdrawal period.