Get Treated for Substance Abuse at Addiction Treatment Center

The addiction treatment center is specially designed for women and girls who suffer from substance abuse, eating disorders, and disorders that co-occur. The center has psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses and health professionals to help them with the treatment. They provide them support and compassionate environment to help them get back to normal life.

The psychiatrists, psychologists, and healthcare professionals have exceptional credentials in the field and have a proven track record of performance. They are assisted by licensed clinical social workers, registered nurses, registered dieticians, teachers, certified educational administrators, and licensed expressive therapists to provide comprehensive care round the clock.

What does the Drug Detoxification Center offer?

When women have trouble standing the challenges in life they turn to alcohol. The medical detoxification treatment center offers a holistic treatment approach. Each woman is provided with spiritual renewal to get back to healthy adaptive ways. She is taught to build a strong bond with a higher power to get back to her authentic self with joy, meaning, and purpose.

The center offers groundbreaking treatment and clinical excellence in the services they provide to the people with addiction. The therapists, psychologists, and the other staff provide expert and compassionate care. The drug rehab center is located in the beautiful Annapolis basin where nature too extends her healing touch.  There is lush greenery with the serenity of lashing waters from the seacoast which helps in healing the body, mind, and spirit.

What keeps this drug rehab apart from the rest?

It is located in a beautiful setting facing the seacoast. It occupies a huge space but remains small. They take only 12 inmates at a time and concentrate on getting them back to their normal way of life without alcohol and drugs. They provide a comfortable and welcoming environment. They help the inmates to mix easily with each other and take part in the therapy.

When they have an interactive session the residents can easily express themselves and have their opinions and concerns heard. The residents also get enough space for individuality and flexibility.

How Psychotherapy can be effective in drug rehab?

At the drug rehab, they use psychotherapy to treat addictive behavior. Simultaneously they try to identify and treat the psychological and emotional issues that are the cause of addiction. In many cases, individuals with substance abuse disorder are trying to medicate for traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, grief or some other psychological or psychiatric ailment. At the center, they work to treat addictive behavior as well as concurrent disorders.

Their psychotherapeutic approach provides therapy for a wide range of problems which includes rational emotive behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, cognitive bias modification therapy, and psychodynamic therapy, these are proven and effective treatments for drug addiction. They also have alternative therapies to help clinical drug rehab treatments which include yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, acupuncture, creative art therapy, relaxation therapy, and native healing rituals. These activities help to revive the body, mind, and soul. These practices can treat you for drug addiction but can provide you strength and determination.


Do you want to get admitted to an addiction treatment center for substance abuse? Then find a center closest to you and get admitted.