Chantix Coupons For Quiting Smoking

Have you tried to quit smoking, but it just seems so tough? Do you have zero medical insurance, or are you a low-income earner? Or maybe you are an elderly person. Are you in need of quitting smoking but can’t afford medication due to the high cost?

Patient Assistance Programs, created by pharmaceutical companies, aim at providing medicine either free or at discounted rates to people who are unable to afford them.  There are different criteria you have to meet before you qualify.

Many pharmaceutical companies have come up with a lot of drugs some of which are said to help one stop smoking. Some do work, but some do not.

One of the drugs that is very effective and can help you quit smoking is Chantix. Chantix from Pfizer is a prescription medication. It contains varenicline, a tartrate salt which is a nicotine receptor agonist. It is an oral medication taken with a lot of water. It is best taken after a meal. You should start on Chantix one week before you quit smoking. However, for you to easily quit smoking, you have to use this medication in combination with other support programmes.

The drug comes packaged a box or tablet. The price depends on the quantity you purchase. But one thing for sure is that it is not a cheap drug.

How Chantix Works

The drug works by interfering with the nicotine receptors in the brain. It leads to the reduction of the physical and mental you receive when you are smoking. Chantix also gives you the ability to overcome the symptoms related to nicotine withdrawal.

Chantix Coupons and Discounts

  1. Chantix coupon is one of the money-saving ways in which the low-income earners can access the medication. Chantix is not cheap. However, you can get printable Chantix coupons to help you lower the cost of Chantix in your local pharmacy.
  2. Pfizer also offers a Chantix Savings Card. Once you have the card, you can be able to save up to $75 per monthly prescription. You can only use the card thrice per year, thanks to Chantix because you are supposed to use the drugs for three months. You can register online to get the card.

    Once eligible, print your card and take it to the pharmacy to be issued with your prescription. The card is for both insured and uninsured individuals.
  3. Most of the drugs selling companies also do offer a 90-day supply at a lower monthly cost. Printable coupons are available and a variety of companies provide prescription savings programs.
  4. Apply for a patient assistance program – The programmes believe that they have an obligation to help the members of the society who cannot afford their prescription drugs. Though it is also a way of the companies to market their drugs.
  5. Speak to your doctor about in case of any prescription workarounds; you should speak to your doctor to find out if there are alternative ways to save

In case you fail to meet any of the criteria by the Patience Assistance programmes, you may ask your doctor about Chantix alternatives