Water Filtration without Electricity

The desire to have clean drinking water available at the turn of a tap is something that can be achieved by everyone. Whether you live or travel in remote rural areas or are conscientious of the impact that electricity consumption has on the environment then you need to look no further than at the Berkey Water System.

The Berkey Water System offers a choice of six countertop models that hold a capacity of 1.5 to 6 gallons of water and a smaller personal water bottle. You can run tap, rain, stream or even stagnant water through the system and after a while, you will have uncontaminated water to drink. This can be achieved in the most natural way, without having to be connected to the electrical grid and can prove especially useful in the event of an emergency, where the electricity supply might be off for a number of days.

Since the Berkey is also not connected to the water supply grid, it is also not dependant on having the correct water pressure.

What can the Berkey Water System remove from your drinking water?

The latest technological advances allow the Berkey Filtration Elements to remove pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites entirely from the purified water. They also extract harmful chemicals, including herbicides and pesticides, VOC’s, organic solvents, radon222 and trihalomethanes. Unhealthy minerals such as lead and mercury are greatly reduced, as are nitrates and nitrites.

The red food coloring test is one of the best ways to test how powerful the Berkey Filtration Elements are. When water dyed with the coloring is passed through the filters it comes out completely clear.

When the Berkey Water Filter flushes out all the toxins and odors it leaves the beneficial minerals intact allowing you to enjoy odorless but great tasting water.

How does the Berkey System work since it doesn’t need electricity?

The clever utilization of gravity is the force behind clean drinking water.  All the models in the Berkey Water System consist of two sections made of canisters. The top canister is where the unpurified water is poured. The section between the top and bottom canister is where the filters are placed – usually, two but some models can take up to eight. The second canister is where the filtered water flows to and it can be dispensed into a glass or container with the help of the spigot.

Finding the right Berkey for your needs:

Solid in their build, the first five models of countertop Berkeys in our list are made from durable Stainless Steel. All of them are identical and only vary in the quantity of water they hold. They all use the same Black Berkey Filters and all originally come with two.

Travel Berkey: Holding 1.5 gallons of water, the Travel Berkey is 18 inches tall and its capacity is perfect for up to three people.

Big Berkey: With a capacity of 2.25 gallons, this is the perfect size for most average families. At a height of 19”, it is one of the most popular models.

Royal Berkey:  With a 3.25 –gallon water tank, the Royal Berkey stands at 23” tall. This is a popular choice for larger families and for use in a small business or office situations.

Imperial Berkey: This is a heavy-duty water tank that holds 4.5 gallons of water. It is 25.75” tall. It can hold a maximum of two filters, but will also run with two.

Crown Berkey: At 30” tall and 11” in diameter, this water filter can hold 6 gallons of water in its tank. It can hold up to 8 filters at a time if necessary.

Berkey Light Water Filter: Lightweight and see-through, the Berkey Light has the same filtration abilities as all the others but weighs only six pounds. It holds 2.75 gallons of water and is very portable making it ideal for outdoor use and emergency situations.  It is 21” tall and weighs 6 lbs when empty. The body is made of non-BPA/BPS co-polyester and will not retain leach or let off odors. Its normal capacity is for 1 -5 people but when fully configured with all 4 filters it can serve up to 200 people daily in an emergency.

From the very first moment that your Berkey Water System arrives at your home, you will be able to enjoy clean, purified water without the need for electricity or plumbing. Your body will still be getting all the benefits of all the healthy minerals which are left behind, and all this for approximately 2 cents per gallon. This is the most adequate water purification system available in the marketplace right now.