Body Building Tips That Every Beginner Should Know

Muscle building is not a walk in the park. Most beginners are bound to feel intimidated at some point. As is the case with starting almost any new thing, it can feel frightening in some instances. Also, there being so many workouts to do in the weightlifting program does not make things easier but add to the already piled up pressure on the beginner. The good thing is that if you are equipped with some simple knowledge, you will manage to get on. Also, as a beginner, you will realise changes in the body shape and how you feel in as little as a few weeks. To complement your efforts and speed up the process, you can acheter steroide, a very beneficial product in promoting muscle strength and growth in body size.

The following are some top bodybuilding tips that every beginner should know:

Prioritize the major lifts

You need to give first chance to the major lifts during your training. Multiple muscle exercises ought to come before those that involve a single group of muscles. The reasoning behind this is that practices involving many muscles will require more energy to perform thus you should tackle them when still fresh. These workouts include squat, bench press, deadlift and shoulder press, among others. In case you are using the machine the exercises to start with include leg press, lateral pull-down, horizontal row, and others.


Despite the widespread belief that realizing a perfectly healthy and fit body is 70% diet and 30% exercise, the reality is that it needs 100% commitment to diet and makes no sense to work so hard in training your body then feed it poorly on some high calorie, low nutrient food. Whatever you consumer has a direct impact on the composition of your body. Taking high nutrient low-calorie foods such as veggies, lean meat and whole meal carbohydrates will provide the needed raw materials to burn fat and develop muscles.

Use a rep range between 8 and 12

As a beginner, as you perform your workouts let you rep ranges be between 8 and 12. The fact that you are not using very heavy weights will allow you to you to train in a slightly higher rep range and at the same time achieve a substantial improvement in strength and growth in muscles. When you get used to different lifting workouts, you can then reduce the rep range if you desire to build your strength level.

Stretching is vital

Both beginners and those who have been exercising for some time are guilty of forgetting stretching, although it is such a significant thing. Stretching helps to reduce the amount of soreness you experience as you raise your range of motion so you may derive more benefits from the lifts you manage to complete. You may aim to do ten minutes of stretching after every major workout and emphasise on the major muscle groups. You can also stretch on your off days as you rest to help reduce the soreness that you may experience.

Take a day or two for rest between workouts

You need to take one or two days off between workouts to reduce the level of soreness that you may experience and not be overwhelmed by so many sessions each week. Beginners are advised to have a full body workout for three days in a week to ensure all body parts are worked.


As you observe the tips above, it would be good to work with a personal trainer to learn the basics so you can get a good foundation as you move to complicated things.