5 Tips to Control Type 2 Diabetes

Some tips to help control type-2 diabetes while keeping values below 130 mg / dl fasting and below 180 mg / dl after meals may be:

  • Record on a paper the blood sugar values before and after each meal;
  • Eat little amount of sweets and always after a meal, making a walk then;
  • Do not eat fruit alone, but accompanied with other food, such as yogurt;
  • Take walks after meals;
  • Buy Metformin as the basic medication for type 2 diabetes

These tips are simple ways to control type 1 and type 2 diabetes and even gestational diabetes by preventing sugar from falling too low causing hypoglycaemia or increasing too much causing hyperglycemia.

How to control diabetes

Generally, until you regularize your blood sugar values you need to check your fasting blood sugar before and after each meal. When the values are regularized, the doctor, according to the medication, indicates how many times it is necessary to check the blood sugar values, it may be necessary to do so only in the morning or morning and afternoon, for example.

To know what the value of blood sugar is necessary to do a blood test that can be done at home with a device called a meter, which is very important for the health of the diabetic.

To control blood sugar values, the diabetic patient, in addition to feeding with few sugars as the nutritionist advises and taking the medication or insulin according to medical prescription, also has to practice some physical activity, such as walking or swimming, for example.

How to control hypoglycemia

To control the hypoglycemia that appears when sugar lowers excessively in the blood, getting below 70 mg / dl, it is necessary to give the patient water with sugar or a glass of orange juice, for example. These foods will make the sugar rise and the individual feel better.

How to control hyperglycemia

In the case of an isolated hyperglycemia or when there is pre-diabetes, it is not necessary to use medicines, but it is very important to take care of food, avoiding excess sugar or carbohydrates, and investing in vegetables and whole foods, to avoid becomes diabetes.

In the case of diagnosed diabetes, or in situations of excessive glycemia, it is necessary to use anti-diabetic medicines such as Metformin or even Insulin, for example. Diabetics should also do exercise and regular follow-up with medical appointments.

To control hyperglycemia, which is excess blood sugar, it is necessary to give the patient the medicine indicated by the doctor to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood and prevent the blood sugar from rising again by decreasing or eliminating the sweets such as cakes, soft drinks, puddings or ice creams from the diet and engage in physical activity such as walking after meals.

Some tips to control hyperglycemia:

  • Eat at regular intervals of 3 hours small meals;
  • Do not eat concentrated sweets or isolated fruits as a meal;
  • Do some physical activity like walking after the main meals and do not go to sleep or lie down.