Coronavirus: How to protect your office

It’s dominating the news and judging by the current situation at least, this is only going to get even more severe. As the title may have already given away, today is all about coronavirus and exactly what you can do to overcome the issue in your office.

As most of us will know, offices aren’t the cleanest places on earth. They are used by umpteen employees, each with their own different habits, and this means that they become something of a breeding ground for germs and everything else that you would rather avoid.

This is the reason behind our article today, as we take a look at four ways you can help to protect your office against coronavirus.

Have an utterly flexible sick policy 

As we all know, companies differ in the way that they approach sick policies. Some will offer it paid, others unpaid, and a select few might do something in-between.

Well, in the current climate at least, this is something which you need to be completely flexible with. If your employees are showing any signs of the virus, you need to be proactive and not allow them into work. There’s a high chance that this will be a policy forced upon you by the government, but we would recommend going through these guidelines anyway.

Promote hand hygiene through whatever means 

One of the biggest things that has come out of the coronavirus so far is the emphasis on hand hygiene. There is now a range of products out there to help you along your way, and these can just cut down the chances of the virus spreading. Granted, if you have been in contact with someone who has been vigorously coughing and sneezing it might not do you much good, but it’s a small step that can make the difference.

Make sure these sanitizers are placed at regular terminals through your office, just so employees can keep applying through the day.

Adapt your traveling plans 

For some businesses, this won’t be valid. However, there will be cases where travel is part and parcel of your working day.

It’s here where you need to pay strict attention to the ever-changing guidelines that are being spoken about by the government, whilst also just trying to limit travel whenever you can. If there’s a reason not to let someone go on the road to visit a client, then take them up on it. Put simply, it’s an unnecessary risk.

Invest in more regular deep cleans

Finally, your office probably has its own cleaning programme. Some companies might do this every evening as employees leave, while others might be less frequent.

Suffice to say, you need to be swaying towards the latter. Try and adopt a more frequent cleaning schedule, just to get rid of any traces that might have occurred through the day. Again, it’s a baby step, but when this is compiled with all of the other suggestions we have made it can be something that makes an impact.