Crowdfunding for the Detection and Treatment of Bladder Cancer

Medical science has solved many of our problems with diseases. It has innovated vaccines, medicines, antibiotics and pain relief. Science has eradicated diseases like smallpox and plague. However, one of the few things science does not have a definite answer to is the cause and treatment of cancer. Cancer is a malignant growth of cells somewhere in the body and is deadly when not treated in time. There is no one treatment to cancer. Perhaps it is this uncertainty surrounding the illness that makes it so scary.

Crowdfunding is a way by which a lot of people can contribute small amounts of money and raise a large amount of money for a cause. Cancer treatment can be that cause. Medical fundraising has become quite popular as medical insurance has become circumstantially mandatory yet remains unaffordable. Government hospitals remain crowded and private hospitals are too expensive.

Bladder cancer is cancer of the bladder, the organ in the body where urine is stored. People above the age of 55, especially males are likely to get bladder cancer. People who do not consume enough fluids are at risk of bladder cancer too. Early symptoms of bladder cancer include presence of blood in urine. However, since blood can be present in the urine due to a whole host of reasons, you should immediately contact your doctor and get yourself checked. In its later stages, the cancer can create pain and discomfort in the lower back area, difficulty urinating and pain in the abdomen.

Detection of bladder cancer involves urine analysis, cystoscopy, and biopsy, CT scan, IVP and X-Rays. These procedures can be quite expensive and not everyone can afford them. Yet, they are critical to early detection and survival of the patient. If you have to test yourself for bladder cancer, you can resort to cancer crowdfunding techniques like creating a fundraiser and asking for contributions from friends and relatives. If your tests do come out positive for cancer, you will have to create another fundraiser and involve more people, a team and put more time into crowdfunding. Here are some ways to do this well:

  1. Choose a crowdfunding platform that has enough experience with medical fundraising and can provide you with a campaign manager in exchange for your service fees. Impact Guru is one such platform.
  2. Starting a fundraiser is easy. On Impact Guru, it takes just 5 minutes. Write your fundraiser in clear language and explain your conundrum. Why do you have to resort to crowdfunding? In order to make your fundraiser more credible, upload pictures of medical documents. You can also make a video with a message from the patient.
  3. Make sure that your campaign is publicized well. This means you contact all the people you know through online and offline mediums. However, crowdfunding for cancer is also about reaching out to unknown people. This is why you need to ask your team to share and post your fundraiser as many times as possible.
  4. If you think one fundraiser is not enough to garner the amount of funds that is your target, you can create a number of fundraisers. These are going to be support fundraisers that will raise part of the target amount. Your teammates can share and publicize these fundraisers.
  5. Once you have met your target, remember that you should inform all your contributors about the progress of the patient. You should also thank your contributors profusely. This creates a healthy environment in which other crowdfunding ventures can flourish.

Medical crowdfunding India is safe and risk free. More people should use this method.