5 Effortless Hairstyles that Are Perfect for Work

Being in a perfect world means actually waking up two hours before work, and having ample time to take a shower, make/eat breakfast, apply makeup and make that perfect hairstyle. I mean, who wouldn’t love a good hairstyle that shows off your hair in the most beautiful but chic way possible? Then again, we all know how that works out every day. 

In reality it’s all about waking up just 15-minutes early and making sure that you look as humanly decent as possible before you catch that last-minute train to work. If you’re lucky, you might even get to squeeze eating breakfast in that hectic schedule; but hairstyle? Doubt it. You won’t even have time to check a hair salon app to have a professional fix the mess on top of your head.

However, not every one of us have a fairy godmother to give us that much-needed makeover almost every day. Then again, what you can do is realize that having good hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to treat your poor hair with chemicals, heat or magic. In fact, you can naturally make your hair look trendy without wasting an hour and as long as you have some handy bobby-pins and hair ties, you’re good to go. Meaning, you can definitely make those trendy hairstyles that you’ve always been dreaming about wearing to work, school or in formal gatherings. And the best part of all? These incredibly cute but sleek 5-minute hairstyles literally take no time to make with almost zero effort.

Don’t think it’s possible? Scroll down to check these trendy hairdos test them out next time you “accidentally” hit snooze button.

  1. The Fishtail Bun:

This 1-minute hairstyle is the hero need every day. Not only does it rescue you the extra 10-15 minutes, but also give a chic and smart look without making any effort.

  1. The Inside-Out Ponytail:

The inside-out ponytail is a twisty treat for all the bad morning. Not only does it take 1-minute to make this hairdo, but also allow you to be the proper look of a career-oriented lady.

  1. Swept Braid:

You will need to use both hands for this 5-minute hairdo. While it’s easier to make than a traditional French braid, it will give you the well-deserved chic look you need.

  1. Wrap Ponytail:

Wrap your bad hair day with this incredible 1-minutehairdo. With this, you can finally rock that low-ponytail look with elegance. Not only will it turn everyone’s heads to you at work, but it will also give you a simple look.

  1. The French Twist:

The French Twist romantically expresses beauty in the form of a formal look. Not only does it look elegant but it also does wonders in giving you a professional look in less than 5 minutes.

No need to check salon appointment app anymore to hope for a makeover. You can bring the salon at home where you’re the stylist. All you need is to testthese incredibly easy hairstyles and be prepared to have dozens of compliments come running to you.