Finding Fast Relief with a Hand Specialist

Hand and wrist pain is no joke. There are a number of hand injuries and conditions that can cause extreme pain, becoming an inconvenience to your life. To find quick and lasting relief, you want to use the right hand specialist that will provide you with the best care and optimal results.

The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute offers the best care, surgery techniques and results. They are home to Dr. Fitzmaurice, best hand surgeon in Tempe. From exceptional customer service to state of the art techniques designed by Dr. Fitzmaurice himself, you will be able to find fast relief from your hand pain while being treated with the care and respect you deserve.


There are certain qualities you should always look for in a hand surgeon. Dr. Fitzmaurice is highly trained and double-board certified with the experience to provide you with the safest techniques while using only the best surgical tools. The entire staff at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute is reliable, has strong communication skills and will provide you with quick and friendly service. You want to work with a hand surgeon that offers the best technique to provide you with fast relief and the peace of mind knowing that your condition is unlikely to return.


Dr. Fitzmaurice designed the Endotech nerve release system, the safest and most effective approach. The minimally invasive hand surgery has the most advanced visualization of any endoscopic hand surgery technique and happens to be one of the safest surgeries since the extreme clarity leaves less room for surgical error. With this process, a small incision is used, causing less pain along with less scarring. The Endotech approach works successfully on a number of hand conditions, providing lasting relief for patients.

Can help with multiple hand conditions

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Trigger finger
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Tennis elbow
  • Thumb arthritis

Carpal tunnel is the most common for example. This is when the median nerve is compressed which results in pain, numbness and weakness. The cause is usually from repetitive hand use, health conditions or traits that run in your family that can increase the chances of developing it. Symptoms include pain, numbness, tingling and weak grip.

There are many treatment options for carpal tunnel, but the Endotech approach is the safest, most efficient and most effective for carpal tunnel patients. Thanks to his minimally invasive hand surgery, Dr. Fitzmaurice is known as the top carpal tunnel doctor in Tempe. The Endotech nerve release system uses only a small incision, less than 1 centimeters. Other surgeries usually use a much larger incision, that would require suture removal. The Endotech approach requires only a small band aid for bandageand the pain is minimal after surgery and during recovery. The recovery time is only about 1 week, where other surgeries usually take 6-8 weeks for recovery. This approach also leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed with minimal scar tissue.  Other surgeries are known to leave significant scar tissue from needing to create a larger wound.

Emergency Relief

Unfortunately, there are times when emergencies happen and you suffer from a hand injury. Dr. Fitzmaurice also offers fast relief at his Urgent Hand Care, open 24/7. So, if you suffer from a hand emergency Scottsdale any time of day or night, you know you can receive the best care. Injuries that can be treated same day with a small incision and fast recovery include lacerations, fractures, contusions and dislocations. Patients receive same day hand and wrist treatment with the best surgical tools and the safest techniques, leaving you pain free and able to return back to your life.