4 Practical Tips for Fast Weight Loss

Have you ever stopped going to a party because you could not feel good about the clothes you wore? Or, when you went to an event and put on the best clothes, did not you feel noticed?

More and more people go through this and feel frustrated!

So now look at 4 actions to potentiate your weight loss that are totally ignored by most people and that will greatly contribute to your new active and healthy lifestyle.

  1. Have The Right Time To Feed.

When you look at someone, you hardly think, “Is her metabolism programmed to burn fat or to store it?”

The great truth is that often we do not even look at ourselves, we realize what is happening in our organism.

You can observe … When people who go to the doctor with low frequency and are faced with some health problem, they did not even imagine that they could go through that.

Well, without even thinking about it, it is important to know that we depend on a varied set of chemical or metabolic reactions, and this group of transformations of substances is called metabolism.

The human body is a perfect machine so when in the midst of an unexpected situation our body reacts in the sense of avoiding danger, danger.

And with the metabolism is not different, when we spend a lot of time without feeding, we lack some nutrients and metabolism stops making some transformations, and triggers others to avoid the risk.

And an immediate consequence is the metabolism if it is configured for what it considers a “period of scarcity”.

Therefore, all the food that you ingest when the metabolism gets set up for the shortage, will turn into fat.

That is, even if you eat lettuce, after 5 hours without feeding your metabolism gets set up to turn that food into fat.

The simplest way for you to resolve this issue, and speed up your metabolism, is by increasing the frequency of meals, or in other words by feeding yourself every 3 hours.

When you stay more than 3 hours without eating, you signal to your body that you are going through a period of scarcity and you have no idea when you will eat again.

The metabolism will work towards storing a stock of energy for a given time, this is one of the causes of localized belly fat.

So increase the frequency of meals and speed up your metabolism already. Eat fruits, vegetables, and salads at the main meal intervals.

  1. Eat Fibers At The Right Time

What good is it for you to make every effort to feed yourself on the best food in the world at the right frequency, if a good part of the nutrients will not be absorbed by your gut?

Causing side effects like: nutritional deficiency, decreased satiety, increased hunger, fluid retention, swelling and others.

Well, you need to prepare your gut for absorption of nutrients and for this you should use the soluble and insoluble fibers, each for a specific function, see below …

Consume fibers the right way. You should ingest the fibers 1 hour before main meals.

For example, let’s assume that you will have breakfast at 8 am, so you should take the fibers at 7 am. At least this is the best application for fibra da Herbalife.

The fibers work on regulation of the intestine, increasing the volume of feces and accelerating their elimination.

Thus, consuming fiber 1 hour before main meals cleans the intestine, which provides a considerable improvement in the absorption of nutrients from such a meal.

Soluble fiber absorbs water and contributes to the elimination of fats in the veins and arteries, preventing such fat from being absorbed by the intestine, thereby protecting against cancer.

This fiber quality also helps in delaying the absorption of carbohydrates.

On the other hand, insoluble fibers regulate intestinal transit, fighting constipation and preventing hemorrhoids, precisely by facilitating the elimination of feces.

Generally, consume fiber 1 hour before main meals if you really want to lose weight in a healthy way.

  1. Drink Plenty Of Fluids During The Day

Have you noticed that we lost a lot of water during our daily journey?

Be it sweat, tears, feces, urine, yawning and talking. However, this volume of water that has been discarded must be reset.

Just to give you an idea of a 100-kg man, he has about 70 kg of water in his body.

Water is very important for the digestion and transport of nutrients, everything in our organism occurs basically in aqueous medium.

When you feel thirsty, you are actually in a water shortage stage. As the body can not scream, you just feel thirsty, but that is not good, you should consume water frequently.

There’s no use in having a healthy, nutritionally balanced meal if your nutrients get stuck in your stomach. Drinking water will distribute the nutrients according to the metabolic reactions.

The water activates many stages of the digestive process, especially if combined with the fibers, which causes in the slimming.

Many experts recommend taking 2 liters of water, or 8 glasses of water per day.

Did you drink water today?

  1. Do Some Physical Exercise

Nowadays we have many facilities like remote control, electric glass in the car, if it is to go in the bakery on the corner we go by car and so on.

And the food we are offered at all times … is fastfood, microwave lasagne and so many other facilities that surround us.

Yes, but our body was developed to move and in this aspect the physical activities are fundamental.

As the World Health Organization recommends we should practice physical activity for 20 minutes daily.

Physical activities are beneficial in several aspects, among them:

– Improves sleep quality

– Improving self-esteem

– Prevents overweight and obesity

– Allied against smoking –

– Improving sexual life

– Prevents cancer

– Improves reasoning and memory

– Brings cardiorespiratory benefits

– Increases muscle mass and reduces body fat

– Improves the immune system

– Contributes to growth and development

– Brings benefits to interaction with nutritional supplements

– Decreases aging

In the execution of physical activities it is also possible to network and participate in communities, so when you go through the squares and parks and there are so many people even in uniforms of a group.

With these tips, you can choose to have a better lifestyle without having to invest so much and still have a quality of life that will make you a less stressed and more productive person.

Walk for 20 minutes daily and this will change your lifestyle.

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