The Pros of Ankle Surgery After An Injury


Twisting your ankle is something that probably happens quite often throughout your life. You may take an uncertain step off of a higher surface or roll your ankle by having uncertain gravel or other surfaces under your feet during a run.

Ladies can easily cause damage to this joint by wearing high heels that are notoriously unstable. Sometimes bracing your ankle and doing physical therapy simply isn’t enough to restore your quality of life, and you need ankle surgery.

Fortunately, you’ll find that recovery after ankle surgery may not be as bad as you think.

Pros of Ankle Surgery

Researchers from the Cochrane Collaboration came together to show the effectiveness of surgical intervention on ankle injuries.

The results showed that surgery could be helpful in many cases in allowing people to get back to full usage of the ankle earlier and that they may regain more stability and use of the ankle over time.

This did depend on the way that various interventions occurred, such as bracing and physical therapy.

Rehabilitation After Ankle Surgery

Individuals who engaged in rehabilitation after ankle surgery showed that the surgery was more likely to be effective when the exercises were started early in the healing process.

Participants in these studies had removable splints or braces and were often able to return to normal functioning much sooner than those who had more structured support in place for their ankles.

However, studies also showed that it’s important that this work be managed with the help of a physiotherapist to limit the possibility of reopening a wound before it was fully healed.

As you can see, having ankle surgery may allow you to regain your mobility more quickly than bracing and physical therapy alone.