Why do people deal with the hair loss problem?

Nowadays hairball is very common. And the reason behind that is air pollution. And water pollution too. But it can be seen that men are more like to lose their hair at you get age in comparison to girls or women. Why is it so?  What is the reason behind it?

Hair plays an important role in your personality

People nowadays are focusing more on their looks no matter in which field you are in everybody is concern about their looks.  And hair plays a very important role when it comes to the look. Men’s or boys are now focusing more on trending hairstyle and then maintain it. For maintaining hairstyle they use, colors, wax, spray, and other hair product to set their hairs and to make them look good.

Damage is done by the use of chemical products

These products can make your hair look good from outside, but the fact is that it damages the root of your hairs and makes the weak.  The daily usage of wax,  gel,  spray,  hair dryer blows all the natural oil from the scalp of the head, and then the hair starts to loosen, and hair falls occur.  That’s the main reason why there is more hair fall in men’s as compared to girls. What can one do to reduce the hair fall?

 Proper protection of your hair

 The direct sun rays also damage your hair and boys aremore prone to such light as they are working and riding bikes, so they have to deal with the sun. So one should wear helmet our cover your head so that it can protect your hairs from sunlight and production. The proper oiling of hairs should be done 2-3 times a week.  One should avoid the usage of hair product and shampoos on a daily basis, instead use products like minoxidil 5 for resolving the issue of hair loss.