Which Form of Breast Reduction is Best?

Excessively large breasts can be the source of discomfort and pain in the neck, shoulders and back and skin irritation. Sadly, many women don’t realise just how much stress and weight their large breasts add. You don’t have to live with pain and discomfort due to overly large breasts. There are different breast reduction options available that can create beautiful results. The technique used is determined by the amount of sagging or excess skin and tissue, and the experience of your surgeon.

Vertical Breast Reduction

A very popular option with both surgeons and patients is the vertical breast reduction. An incision is made around the areola and then continues vertically down the centre of the lower half of the breast. This breast reduction technique can help long-term breast projection and shape and is an excellent choice for most women looking for a breast reduction.

Virtually Scarless Breast Reduction

The virtually scarless option is achieved by using liposuction. Two tiny incisions are made in the breast crease and are hidden under the breast. The recovery time involved with a virtually scarless breast reduction is less than standard breast reduction procedures.

Since liposuction is the only technique used for removing tissue, only fat in the breast can be removed. Liposuction only reductions eliminate the option for lifting the breast after the removal of excess tissue. This option works well for women who have little to no drooping, need a more limited amount of weight removed and will not need or want a breast lift.

It’s important to find a skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr Quinn breast reduction surgery Perth. Dr Quinn specialises in the liposuction breast reduction technique to make the breasts smaller and lighter to create a proportionate figure and relieve physical symptoms.

“No Vertical Scar” Breast Reduction

The “no vertical scar” breast reduction is administered with an incision around the areola and another incision in the breast crease. There is absolutely no vertical incision from the areola to the crease of the breast. This option eliminates the most visible scar and utilises the two incisions that are easiest to hide. Due to the fact that the skin can’t be moved in the horizontal axis, the ability for the surgeon to reshape the breasts is quite limited.

It’s vital for you to know what kind of breast reduction results you want. Express those desires to your breast surgeon, then find out which option will be best for you based on the criteria described above.