Difference between Generic and Branded Medicines

Medical Adherence or taking your medicines timely is a very important part of your treatment. In order to recover fully from a chronic disease, it is crucial to take the right dose of the right drug and at the right time. When talking about medicines, you must have heard the terms generic medicine and branded medicines. There is a lot of confusion among people between both of them in terms of quality and effectiveness. So what is the generic medicine and how it is different from branded medicine? For that, we need to understand both Generic and Branded Medicines first.

Branded Medicines

Branded Medicines are those drugs which are founded by a certain pharmaceutical company. The company gets the patent of the drugs and sells the drug under its own name which is known as a branded Medicine.

Generic Medicines

Generic medicines are drugs which is absolutely similar in composition and properties in comparison to a branded medicine. It’s dosage, strength, effect, as well as side effects all, are similar.

Generic as well as branded drugs have exactly the same composition. They are also absorbed in the same rate by the body. Generic medicine is approved only if it meets the standards for bioequivalence. Meeting the bioequivalence standards means that the medicine will be as much effective as branded medicines. So it is just a misconception that generic medicines are inferior to branded drugs.

Difference between Branded and Generic Medicines

Generic and branded medicines have similar active ingredients, but they might differ in the inactive ingredients. Inactive ingredients are rarely found to cause any problems. This is important only if the patient is hypersensitive to the excipients.

The shape size and color of the generic medicines might be slightly different than that of a brand name medicine. The outer packaging of the two is also different, but the major difference between both of them is the price. Brand name medicines are much more costly than generic drugs. You can buy generic drugs for almost half of the price of the branded ones. Thus you can save a lot of money.

Generic drugs are generally less expensive as the companies don’t have to spend money on researches. There is also a lot of competition between different companies producing the similar kind of medicines, so as to increase the sales they have to drop the prices.

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