What are the Most Essential Hydroponics Supplies?


Hydroponics is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to soil-cultivated plants. Growers have control over pH/nutrient levels, reduce water wastage and can grow plants indoors or outdoors irrespective of season. However, which hydroponics supplies are necessary?

The Correct Environment

Lightweight, durable grow tents are a practical way to cultivate hydroponic plants and allow growers to adjust the interior temperature/humidity and keep out pests. They come in a variety of sizes and styles so growers should choose one according to their available space. These easily-assembled tents often come equipped with lighting, air-vents and a plug socket.

Growing Kits – Everything Growers Need

The best hydroponic kit will depend on the room size, the crop and the gardener’s budget. With the exception of seeds and water, they contain everything growers need to start their hydroponic garden:

  • instructions
  • trays
  • pumps
  • nutrients
  • timers
  • lights

They might also contain some add-ons like fans and an odour eliminator.

Providing Indoor Sunshine

The type of grow lights needed will depend on the size of the garden and varieties include LED, CFL and HID (High Intensity Discharge). It’s often better to install a number of smaller lights rather than a single larger bulb, and a refractor can help distribute the light evenly over all plants.

Nourishing the Plants

Canna nutrients ensure that plants have everything they need to grow and flourish. These base nutrients are given in solution form and come in different varieties depending on the kind of hydroponics used, type of water (hard/soft) and the stage of plant growth.

With these basic hydroponics supplies, anyone – amateur or professional – can create the garden of their dreams.