Marijuana Detox: The Natural Way

A human body has its own natural way of healing and restoring every single moment while it’s working continuously—even if you asleep. You may imagine a machine that works 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. It may have its flaws but is expected to still serve its function.

The body will surely fight anything that can alter an immune system resulting to an intoxication. One of the substances that intoxicates human body is THC—the main psychoactive component of marijuana. In just a few minutes after taking it in, you may expect a shoot up in the heart rate—now marijuana circulates through your entire system and you must know that it will take some time to finally get rid of it from your system.

So, you need a reliable detox methods to do this faster. They are as follows:


The best way to detox marijuana from your system is to change your lifestyle. The safest  and most effective way. There’s no next best thing to do with a body that has been intoxicated, but to temporarily keep it away from all other chemicals that might have yet another side effect. Just like in trying to quit smoking weed, it would require a complete abstinence for one to successfully detox from THC.

Active lifestyle

The duration of withdrawal usually depends on how quick your body reacts during the process of detoxification. This in turn, depends on factors such as your body mass index (BMI), in which study have shown that the higher the BMI the longer will it take for the weed to be flushed out.  For people with higher BMI, the way to detox faster is an active lifestyle. Regular exercise will lower the body mass and accelerate metabolism at the same time.


The body’s capacity to absorb and hold the THC molecules depends on the fat percentage—the higher it is, the longer will the body hold them and much harder to excrete them. So, to complement the exercise you will need a balanced diet that will lower the body fat percentage. Though, you must know that losing weight doesn’t mean losing body fat as well. That’s another thing to work on to. You will need a fiber rich diet that will help remove the fat cells that contain the THC chemicals out of the body.


As an additional way of making the process even quicker, cannabis users might consider the steam bath or the sauna that will expel the chemicals released with the sweat.


Though there is no such thing as a quick way to detox from marijuana, the key to success is to live a healthy lifestyle and keep the body in its perfect shape. Imagine a body’s effort when it has an added job to excrete the harmful chemicals. Definitely, it takes an extraordinary efforts to detoxify. So, a healthy body will do this job a way better the one that has’t been taken care of.