Vein Doctor Mason Mandy–Taking Charge of Your Varicose Veins

You have been dealing with varicose veins for years. They first appeared after you turned fifty. You tried to control them on your own. You took tips from your doctor and started wearing a pair of compression stockings to give your circulation a boost. You stopped putting salt on your food and started reading the labels to cut back on sodium. You took up walking with your best friend every day. Nothing made a bit of difference. Your varicose veins have only continued to get worse over time. It’s at the point that your veins look like ropes running over your skin. They hurt. Your legs ache and feel heavy all the time. You can no longer be as active as you used to be because your varicose veins are holding you back. Vein doctor Mandy Mason of Metro Vein Centers in New York wants to help you to take charge of your problem with bulging veins.

Your Solution Could be as Simple as a Shot

Your vein doctor may suggest something as basic as a shot to make your varicose vein problem go away. Sclerotherapy has been in used for over 70 years in the United States. An irritant is injected into a problem vein. The irritant forces the walls of the vein to close or collapse. Your blood can’t continue to travel through a closed vein. Once blood finds another path to the heart, the treated vein will be absorbed by the natural processes of your body. In the coming months, you will see a noticeable improvement as your varicose vein is no longer marring your skin.

You Could Choose Different Types of Ablation

Ablation is a newer approach that can help you to address varicose veins. You can choose between endovenous laser ablation or you may opt for radiofrequency ablation. Both use the application of a controlled levels of heat to force your troublesome veins to close. A catheter is inserted into the vein first through a very small incision. The radiofrequency energy or the laser energy is then directed to the varicose vein. It will give you the same type of results as sclerotherapy. In time, you will notice that your treated vein is fading away.

Turn to a Vein Doctor to Learn More About Varicose Vein Solutions

Your vein specialist can be your guide when you need to find answers about your varicose veins. You can turn to your primary doctor for advice, but specialits at Metro Vein Centers provide you with a team of vascular experts. Choose from locations in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Texas to begin your journey to freedom from varicose veins. You can begin by making a consultation. Learn about the latest advances in the field. Ask about what type of action you can take on your own after treatment to reduce a recurrence in the future. Varicose veins are a bother, but you can treat them with help from vein specialists who care.