Top Things To Do Right After The Eyelash Extension Treatment + Tips To Remember


Once you’re done with the eyelash extension treatment, the process does not necessarily end there. You have to do some things still to make sure that your faux lashes are on point. It is also to ensure that everything is made worth it. But, these things are only simple that is easy to achieve as well.

Since these eyelash extensions are not natural, its thickness and length must be well-maintained. Otherwise, it may not look good as a result. These faux lashes are stuck onto the natural ones, which needs quite some time to finish. Once these things are observed, you can now enjoy your eyelash extensions for a long time.


As a guide, here are the ideas that you have to do. You might want to take some cues from the professional lash extensions in Potts Point at Fancy Lash, for instance. There are beauty clinics thatyou canlook for.

Take note of these details.

Prevent It From Touching Water

First things first: make sure your new eyelash extensions are not soaked into water. The primary reason is that it needs time to stick onto your natural lashes to last longer. Generally, you have to observe this for about a day or 24 hours. If not, your extensions will look bad and might fall off. But then, it will still vary. It’s best to consult your clinic for guidance.

If you need to wipe your face, make sure the lashes are left as dry. After all, it’s for the best as you can ensure the results are indeed quality. As a day passed, you can now let your eyelashes feel the water too.

Avoid Using Curlers

In the meantime, don’t use any curlers. It might cut off some of the strands from the faux lashes. It’s best not to touch your eyelash extensions as well. The use of curlers might do more harm than good. And since the lashes are intended to stick longer, it can defeat such purpose. Also, it is to avoid non-proportional eyelashes. Take note of the cashmere eyelash extensions in Sydney or any other beauty clinics for this matter.

Stop Plucking The Lashes

For this one, it’s quite apparent. Don’t pluck your eyelash extensions. It might trigger your lashes to fall off, which is something you might not want to happen at all. Plus, plucking can cause a bit of irritation if your hand is dirty. After the treatment, refrain from doing anything to your eyelashes for a little while. It is to help the lashes remain thick, curled, and long. As you do these tips, you can ensure that the results are top-notch.


Final Word

These ideas are shared among beauty clinics as they orient the client after the eyelash extension treatment. Cooperation is much needed to ensure that the results are of high quality. There may be other tips that can help eyelash extensions to last longer in time. As soon as you finish the cosmetic process, you may use this as your guide.