There are many factors that affect the skin around the nose and mouth

Dry skin around mouth is very frustrating and annoying for all children and adults who experience this as a issue within their lifestyles. This condition happens and affects millions of people worldwide. Unless treated it can become worse and more sore and irritated as time goes by. It is usually seen as a red irritated ring around the mouth that can be quite embarrasing to most people that suffer this condition.

There are many factors that affect the skin around the nose and mouth this can be either product/seasonal changes or a skin complaint. One way to tell if this is a product or seasonal issue is to look at whether the weather has changed or not? Or are you using a new product being a new moisturiser or a toothpaste? It is advised to check on new products or see if the weather has changed from hot to cold or vise versa. It is important to self anylyse your life to detect any changes.

If you think that the dry skin is a skin complaint and has been bothering you awhile than you should see a skin specialist to check on your skin to give you a professional answer. There are three types of dermatitis skin complaints that people suffer around the mouth being contact dermatitis, seborrhoeic dermatitis and allergic reactions. Check to see if you are experiencing itching, burning or in some extreme cases bleeding may also occur, than this is likely some type of skin complaint.

A great type of product to use around the mouth is a barrier cream and particularly a honey moisturiser. Manuka honey which is grown in Australia and New Zealand is antibacterial, antifungal and a antiseptic which is great for irritations and skin rashes. A barrier cream is great for around the mouth as it doesn’t wash away protecting the skin around the mouth from outside elements and other products.