The Healthier Alternative of Dunkin Donuts Smoothie

How do you think, is your favorite Dunkin Donuts smoothie healthy? As you may know, chains often add lots of sugars to make their drinks and foods more filling and make your brains want more. The thing is, you can easily make a delicious smoothie yourself. It is much better for your health and significantly lower in calories. You don’t need to add 5 tablespoons of sugar to feel the taste of smoothie: a smart combination of simple ingredients makes it a real healthy treat.

This banana and strawberry smoothie is high in potassium and carbohydrates, which is a perfect snack for active people and even athletes who need a lot of energy. Eating bananas and strawberries in form of a drink restore the body balance after a long work day or a tough workout. Bananas are a great source of B vitamin, which normalizes metabolism. If you have busy days and needs something delicious quickly, you will love the perfect portability and flavor of this smoothie. You can easily make the recipe at home and then carry anywhere.

Bananas are rich in fructooligosaccharide (could you say it from the first try?), which is very helpful in balancing the work of your digestive tract. Bananas aid the production of vitamins and digestion. That’s why you can add bananas to any smoothie: they make the consistency thicker and go well with many fruits and berries. Bananas are also important for the absorption of calcium and some other minerals. Just one banana in your smoothie can maximize the nutrients that your body gets. Not to mention that bananas and strawberries are very low in calories, which is perfect if you try to lose weight. Thanks to the high fiber content, you will feel full and won’t want to snack often.

Bananas and strawberries are rich in minerals that improve heart function and blood pressure. Bananas are proved to lower the risk of stroke in people who often consume them. The fiber also improves cardiovascular health. As always, if you have any food restrictions, you should consult your doctor first before changing your diet.

Course: breakfast

Cuisine: American

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 1 minute

Total: 6 minutes

Servings: 2 portions

Calories: 200 kcal


1 banana

1 cup strawberries

1 cup skim milk

50 grams sugar or any sweetener

7 ice cubes


Peel and cut bananas in 3 pieces. Cut strawberries into small pieces. Take a big bowl, add all the ingredients and puree until you reach the desired consistency.